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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Alan Duncan.

Labours' Hidden Traps, Or Elephant Traps?

This man has always reminded me of the less pleasant side of Conservatives. He's not alone. When the expenses scandal was run endlessly by The Telegraph, I always wondered why the "stolen" information was never investigated.
My theory was and remains that Labour felt they had nothing to lose. Having prepared the "downfall of the vanities" they were prepared to take any flak on the grounds that a) they were forearmed and b) they could hold back on info and material, to garner their hit men's loins for a drip, drip of attack. As they did in 1993-97.
If they wanted to reduce their damage at an election they could continue blacking the opposition and even call a General Election early whilst The Conservatives were busy firefighting. With a powerful media arm behind them this is working a treat. Cameron's failure to act will cost him dear. There will be more to come, that's for sure. All the time the spotlight stays firmly on The Tories.
Even if all this is dismissed as nonsense, the harm Duncan has caused is huge. Sacking him would have been a smart move. He should now resign if he cares for The party and the future of The UK. Arrogant and unlikeable fool. The picture says it all.


Anonymous said...

It really is a pity that Cameron seems to want to step out of the grubby old ways of politics, but just doesn't know quite how to do it. Honestly, OR, if Cameron managed to demonstrate a true will to clean up the nonsense that currently passes for the British democratic process, I would back him. Of course, whether I back him or not is pretty much irrelevant, but who knows how many there are who feel pretty much as I do ... some cosmetic changes, perhaps, but essentially the same old same old?

Anonymous said...


another homophobic attack must be difficult for you Gays being Members of the Conservative party.

Even given leadership roles in the Shadow Government what does that feel like in the pit of your Homophobic stomach.

Startled Leafletter said...

Anonymouse, big words from a tiny brain! Seeing as you're the very first one to bring up Duncan's orientation, you'll be pleased to know that it's irrelevant to the whole thing. Like most Labour supporters, you have a preoccupation with those of that persuasion.

Any MP that comes across as wildly arrogant and out of touch as Duncan, they are not a proper Conservative. A mindset like that makes somebody unsuitable to govern; he has alienated an entire nation and should go at once. Another one of Mandy's "intensely relaxed about getting filthy rich" followers.

Anonymous said...

Ah! leafyboy you suppressed homophobe

Mandy and Duncan both of the GAY persuasion.

Phil said...

Nobody mentioned the G or H word until anonymouse came by. Go on anonymouse, right now, look back through the comments and the post, see if you can find either word or any mention of it. You'll notice the first time it crops up is in your post.

You are clearly very anti-gay, but yet you support Labour?? Makes no sense.

Norton Folgate said...

Typical labour smearing, crying discrimination on a subject nobody mentioned, so is any kind of criticism of anyone who happenes to be a minority now verboten?

Anonymous said...

Oddrightie says

Allah be praised for Jimmy and Lord Pederast!

not a hint of prejudice there

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse: The word 'homophobe' is meaningless. It is constructed from homo- (as in homosexual) and 'phobe' an Anglicisation of phobos, the Greek word for fear (not hatred).

Now, the first part 'homo' (as in homosexual) is Greek, meaning 'the same', not Latin meaning 'man'.

Thus, literally, what the word 'homophobe' means 'Someone who fears the same'. It is only the illiterate, state-funded nazis of socialism who could have been so ignorant as to backform that word to mean something completely different.

I see you happily spread the gospel of ignorance and stupidity along with them.

Anonymous said...


Tell us what lord fondlebum means then GO ON EXPLAIN.

or put simply what is your view on same sex relationships.

I await your reply

This should be interesting

thats if he has got the guts to speak his truth

wifflebammer said...

Your are confusing the dislike and insulting of a lying scheming shitbag who happens to be gay with bigotry against all gays.

I know gay people who hate him with a vengeance and call him much worse, CALL YOUR EQUALITY STASI THOUGHT POLICE!

Fuck off back to labourlist you whining little twat.

Steve said...

Well said Wifflebammer!

Oldrightie said...

"Tell us what lord fondlebum means then GO ON EXPLAIN.
or put simply what is your view on same sex relationships.
I await your reply
This should be interesting
thats if he has got the guts to speak his truth"

Fondlebum is a humorous wink towards his sexual behaviour. I rather like fondling my gorgeous Lady in a similar fashion but as a prelude and not sole concentration on said appendage.
Now, my view on same sex relationships. I am saddened that the procreative joy of heterosexual coupling is denied to the genetically flawed chromosome bent, that causes the loss of that finality of pleasure. With the POTENTIAL possible creation of another human being, who might even vote Conservative, sex is heavily enhanced.
So I happily will accept differences and variance in all things. I will not accept blatant promotion of abnormal practices and I will not accept that I should defer to the same. Is that OK? Do I have your permission to continue running my blog as I see fit? Or would you wish your stormtroopers close me down? The easiest solution, of course, is for you not to bother coming round. However, you are just about welcome, if only for the fun!

subrosa said...

Ah Edgar, you've saved me explaining that ridiculous word used to express a hatred of homosexuals.

I'm getting weary of reading about homosexuals. Why is anyone's sexuality so important, unless in exceptional circumstances.

It's you who has the problem anonymous, not people like me who couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, OR. I jotted a little response.

@subrosa: you're welcome! Educating Archie is the Community Project round here. We're expecting funding from the Citizens' General Troughing Fund and The National Lottery.

Oldrightie said...

Edgar, a cracking response. For Labour and socialism, not very progressive, are they? Still behave now as then. Excellently put!