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Saturday, 4 July 2009

What is Going On?

The Leader And The Led!

This pair of clowns are being found out as the remains of the worst, so called, Government in the history of our Country begin to shatter. The hissy fits are now commonplace as they squabble over the wreckage. Just look at this weekend's tit-bits.

Fondlebum blocks release of MG Rover report, forces Jimbo to chuck his latest best bum chum, Woodentop, out of a meeting. Meanwhile Pat cancels ID cards without checking with Jimmy and The Mafia Moll, Jowell, announces she's quitting. Mandy unable to work with any feminine competition it would seem. Then to cap it all Senior Civil Servants are now screaming 20% cuts are coming. All the time the rest of their mates are playing schoolboy slanging matches as to which Party is the most bum friendly. Like we don't know? Bunch of incompetent pillocks.

More popcorn anyone?


  1. Is that the jist of the Sundays OR? Auch I'll not bother reading them then.

  2. There have been many suggestions as to what this Parliament should be called. Well, for me, it will always be 'The Popcorn Parliament'.

    Episode 57 coming up ...

  3. Well done for clearing off the poppy from these goons.

  4. I think that's it in a nutshell OR, and since virtually every day is Popcorn Day with this shower, I second the suggestion above of calling it The Popcorn Parliament

  5. "The Leader And The Led!"

    Shouldn't Fondlebum be in front?

  6. Fondlebum much prefers being at the rear.

  7. I've been away all day fund raising for charity, not my Party. Thank you all for joining in the fun. Ridicule is our best weapon, where deserved. Watch out, our next Government.