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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Welcome Home.

A Smashing Experience.

OR's girls make friends!

We packed up the Dobie in the car and set off to Hereford, just 20 miles down the road, through great scenery. Car parks jammed full, longish walk into the city centre. Watched the parade official welcome on The green then legged it to The Town Hall for the march past. See video, if it works!

Terrific to see these guys safely back from Labours' killing fields. Sadly, as a one minute silence was held, the rain briefly dampened the enthusiasm of the welcome and the sadness of lives lost. Then the extremely large crowds clapped and cheered the march past. The last bastion of decency and values so badly damaged by socialism. I wonder if this is why they are so indifferent to The Military?

Aintworthalot was nowhere to be seen. Lets be grateful for small mercies! Short video at bottom of the page.


  1. 'I wonder if this is why they are so indifferent to The Military?'

    Indifferent is not the word I'd choose. This government fears and hates our military because they are everything that the Labour regime would pretend to be while weeping in each other's vile tenebrous embrace, and the opposite - courageous, forthright, stoical, patritoic - of what the Labour regime really is.

    Great post. My respects.

  2. Well thank you Jim, very much.

  3. Great photo and a wonderful event that recognises the super brave.

    It's off topic, but you can't help but like what Nick Griffin said today, after being refused entry to an MEPs drinks reception:

    "I am not in the least bit fussed about not being able to drink champagne with Glenys Kinnock. She is a political prostitute," he said. "She and her husband started off their careers as anti-common market and now they are there not just with their noses in the trough, they are in the trough."

  4. I am becoming a little concerned how NG is making progress. So like 1930's Germany! Thing is The Nazi's are already in place. Was I parked behind you today?

  5. OR, the privelege is all mine.

    I have no time for Tolkien with his elves and fairies. But he did create one memorable character, the whining, loathsome, ever-wronged, Gollum. Unfortunately Gollum finally made it to 10 Downing St,

  6. Jim as usual you read my mind. I thank you for going to Hereford OR and I certainly appreciate your promotion of the support our troops received and desperately need.

    It's unfortunate that polls say roughly 50% support Afghanistan etc and the other half not. My feeling is that most of the country support our troops, but with the mass of information which has appeared on the blogosphere in the past week, very few would support the war there.

    Obviously I will be proved wrong but I stick to my opinion.

  7. Subrosa, polls are every bit as rigged as Glenrothes' retired headmaster's new job was. Recently, whenever Jimmy Snot's Mafia think they have a problem, up pops a poll suggesting otherwise.
    Fondlebum is now singing sweet nothings about DC. Scary.

  8. Thanks for going to Hereford; I couldn't go there or Wootton Bassett today, but I was pleased that someone I "know" was there, if you get my drift.

    The more Brits who attend these parades, the more Labour's face is pushed into the dirt. You can bet your last penny that they hate to see so many Brits at these events - patriotic, supportive of our troops, everything that Labour's arseholes are not.

    Thanks again, OR & Mrs OR.

  9. Thank you, KEALGSEO. It really was an honour to be there. I watched these terrific troops and mused that they are the last bastion of the UK we once were so proud of. Oh to see Labour out and a Conservative Government forced by us all to do a good job. Trust me, I will hound them every bit as much as Jimmy's lot, if necessary.

  10. Well done Old Rightie, we had a homecoming parade a while back but it was kept a secret because Prince Philip was giving a speech on the High Street ( beware extremists, snipers etc. ). It drew a decent crowd of friends relatives and local shoppers but would have been much better attended had the local press cared to mention it a day or so previously.

  11. OR,

    Speaking of small mercies. In these times when those of us who are 'persons of age' see what filth we have in charge of our country, see it because we have some exeperience and are tormented as much in our sleep as in our waking hours by what they do to our younger people who wish only to serve and prove themselves, I should like to report one piece of utter frivolity which gives me temporary release. There's nothing quite like a tin of peaches which have been in the fridge for a while.

    Take some serenity from consuming them. Then let us return, brace ourselves to our task.

  12. Well said, JB, enjoy your peaches!

  13. It is absolutely scandalous that no government minister attended that mournful homecoming. Their absence says it all really doesn't it.

    Well done OR!

  14. Their absence says it all really doesn't it.

    It certainly does, Roy.