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Monday, 27 July 2009

Still It Goes on.

Our Court Jester Declares Operation Panthers Claw Over and A Great Success.

Two British soldiers have been killed in separate explosions in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
The MoD said one of the soldiers died taking part in Operation Panther's Claw - the first death of its second stage.

Now either the operation is over or the first stage of a long operation is over. It has now come to light we've taken territory at great cost and now holding it has seen more soldiers killed this very day. Jimmy Joker shows himself to be just that, over the still warm bodies of two more brave lives sacrificed.

Jimmy said earlier today, "It's time to commemorate all those soldiers who have given their lives and to thank all our British forces for the determination and professionalism and courage that they've shown," Can you believe these cynical and outrageous, weasel words are possible. The operation is not over. Far from it yet he gurns away that it's all sorted, nothing to see here, move on. Incredible. However, fret not my fellow citizens, Parliament is adjourned until OCTOBER. Surely this dreadful, horrendous, misadventure needs an urgent debate as to an exit strategy? Nope, Jimmy is talking of an endless future stretching into decades.

May all those families touched by these terrible losses find some comfort that The Nation grieves with them, even if The Powerful do not.

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  1. Throw away politicians make throw away remarks about soldiers lives. A disgraceful lack of respect and casual regard for human life.