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Monday, 27 July 2009

So Who Are These People?

Our Foreign Secretary's Negotiating Tool?

David Millipede has urged the Afghan government to talk to moderate members of the Taliban as part of efforts to bring stability to the country. We are also informed operation "Panther's Claw" is a success. I therefore expect The Graucho Brothers, Dave and Ed to accompany their Great Leader, Jim Lad, on a tour of the safe areas we have spent 20 British lives and reportedly, 43 other brave soldiers' lives, creating with such success. In a snatch landrover, of course.

Meanwhile, James Gordon Brown has been seen praticing for a new job, come next May.

I present to you, Jimmy Jester, courtesy of Youngrightie!


  1. I'm amazed it's still yellow, given where he usually keeps it placed!

  2. Milipede showing what a socialist monkey he really is.

  3. He cites the success of N Ireland - but is it really trouble-free? And now we have Sinn Fein MPs who have all the perks of MPs at Westminster but they're forbidden from using their offices because they refuse to swear an oath of loyalty to the Crown. Some success that was. If Miliband & Co are centrist-moderates then I must be Atilla the Hun.

  4. Oh look a politician holding a banana now let all the Oldrightie racists have a laugh

  5. Anonymous said...

    "Oh look a politician holding a banana now let all the Oldrightie racists have a laugh"

    No, Anon, let's take it bit by bit:

    'Oh' should be followed by a comma.

    The phrase 'Oh, look' is an exclamation, therefore an exclamation mark wouldn't go amiss: 'Oh, look!'

    'A politician holding a banana', in this context, is also an exclamation but could be followed by a full stop.

    'Oldrightie' is not a recognised adjective, therefore it cannot qualify the noun 'racists'.

    Finally, there is a full stop missing from the end.

    3/10 is the best I can give here but, considering that you were obviously educated by the State, you should regard that as above average.

  6. Gordon must look so fetching to his cronies in that fuschia pink!

  7. If you're known by the company you keep then that banana has no taste.

  8. Milliband is a fucking tool all by himself - the banana's just a spare.