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Monday, 20 July 2009

So It Continues.

Labour, You Are Hateful.

You bowed to American pressure on Iraq and then Afghanistan. While you spout on about security at home you downgrade that threat. Is this downgrading based on the carnage in Afghanistan or the success of our security forces right here in Blighty? All The Parties need to pressure James bloody Gordon to get our troops home. It's just not working. We are close to the humiliation suffered by Russia. Experts say that any of the aims trotted forward will take 20 years or more. At what cost to lives and financial losses? You, Labour, lied to us about Iraq and now spin and peddle half truths about this venture. All the while you deny us an election, trot off on holiday and just don't give a toss unless you think there are votes to be garnered. 13 years of playing an electioneering fiddle; the instrument and the actual deceit. Enough is enough and I pray Norwich will show you the depth the people of this country despise you.

Well done our brave and noble troops, shame on you politicians.

We remember, even if our

useless Prime Minister doesn't.

19th of July, 2009.

Lt Col Nick Richardson, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said he was announcing the death of the solider with "extreme sadness".
"He laid down his life for his country and the good people of Afghanistan.
"We grieve for his loss and join with his family and friends to mourn his passing."


  1. Indeed OR, I so hope the people of Norwich will show what they think of Jimmy and his band of cowards.

  2. Nothing to add OR, - except my complete agreement.

    I've been a bit pissed - hitting the booze very hard - and been a bit down recently. But not because I care anything for myself. Not any more. I used to when I was younger. We all did when we were younger. Gradually, we learned.

    I care now only for our young people, and our country. And the filth we have in charge almost make the Nazis look good. Almost.

    Nothing to add eh? Well, we all make mistakes.

  3. JB, your someone whose disillusionment with the last 13 years is a beacon to all sensible people. You have much to add and offer, never surrender. There may yet be wonderful days to come!
    One argument, however, they DO make the Nazis look good. At least they cared for their Country!

  4. OR. Yes. Yes. Thank you for your kind remarks.

    We must get these bastards.

  5. From Norwich electoral office......20 July 2009 at 20:39

    Might be a good start on Thursday if the buggers don't rig the postal votes.

  6. OR

    Read my last again and suddenly realised with greta shock (sic Greta was a great but a lovely shock to us all) that it may have seemed ambiguous. Not to you, my friend, we understand each other. But perhaps to others.

    Let me, please, therefore make it quite clear. This government are homosexual filth. They are filth not beccause they are homosexual -there is nothing wrong with that - they are filth because they are liars.

  7. Well that's not one bit ambiguous.

  8. JB makes total sense, OR, and I must say that I also have a bottle of extremely nice red wine inside me as I did yesterday. This government is absolute filth, both of the mind and the body and they DO make the Nazis look good and I do not believe that there are enough postal votes in Norwich for them to fix this fast-approaching massacre on Thursday. I hope they all die slowly in pain.

  9. My spelling and punctataution are going to be even worse than usual,

    Please bear with me. I have had a litre of whisky. I needed it.

    These turd burgalars must be destroyed. Not because they are poofs - that is their own businsess - but because they are evil liars.

    Why does a man insert his procreative member into another man's dung? I don't know. I will tell you why he does it to a woman To teach her some respect and because he likes the change. As does she.

  10. JB, that's confusing for OR but possibly makes sense.
    Barking, am I attracting a group of regular posters who are as outrageous as me? I do hope so. If we then have Subrosa and Sue to keep us in check, Nirvana, guys!

  11. It has come to my attention that OR's blog is controlled. That it is deemed necessary to do this is not very democratic. Still Labour rules.

  12. Controlled? I hope that doesn't stop you attracting posters like JB who show what type of people you are speaking for.
    (self-pitying drunkards getting off on talking publicly about homosexual practices and what he likes to do to women.)

  13. Anonymous said...
    Controlled? I hope that doesn't stop you attracting posters like JB who show what type of people you are speaking for.
    (self-pitying drunkards getting off on talking publicly about homosexual practices and what he likes to do to women.)

    Self-rightous leftie anonymouse. I'll take no lessons.............and so forth.