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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shortage of Primary School Places.

All down to selfish parents who cannot afford private schools!

Meanwhile the latest Home Office Secretary for Clowning Around says........................
Home Secretary Alan Johnson last night refused point blank to cap the number of immigrants coming to Britain.
And he said he does not 'lie awake at night' worrying about the population hitting 70million. No worries about terrorist infiltration then. Whilst we are fighting them in Afghanistan this twat is personally welcoming them with open arms. How can they be so utterly STUPID?
Then baby Millipede spouts off how we must pay trillions more for energy, which is code for massive tax increases just to fill the Grand Canyon of Labour debt. Meanwhile Jimmy Snot is closeted in the bunker trying to work out how to shag more soldiers. Another 10.7 months of this dreadful malaise that is a failed Labour regime. I hope not.


  1. I used to regret being such an ordinary person. I had delusions of grandeur - I thought, as many ordinary people do, that I was destined for greatness if only the mediocre would get out of my way.

    I no longer regret my ordinariness. rather, I take some satisfaction in it. Here's why. I have learned - and I'm a very slow learner - that what I gradually come to feel with ever increasing intensity is what most people feel. I have learned that I am a bellwether.

    So, when I realise that this government is truly evil, as is this gibbering stuttering slobbering repressed homosexual -not that repressed - scumbag that we have for a Prime Minister I know that there is a change coming, because I have learned that the British - slow to anger but resolute in their hatred when it is aroused - will do something about it. I'll be with them. I am already.

    Some sheep. Some neck.

  2. hey, Jim, are you my alter ego!

  3. You might like this one:

  4. OR

    We are all each other, old son, the good with the bad. Quantum Physics - not faith. It's all there in the sums.

    But yes - let's get the c**ts. Count me in for that.

  5. Demetrius, excellent but how about
    "The Flying Nokia"?

  6. "slow to anger but resolute in their hatred when it is aroused - will do something about it"

    to say I am angry is an understatement. Labour lies and obvious attempt at putting blame on middle class white people for everything, has enraged me.

    Alan Johnson won't lie awake, he has a fat healthy pension and he can retire to a nice expensive village somewhere or live abroad.

    I'd love to chuck the whole 646 onto a housing estate in Brixton and make them live there!

  7. Immigration has nearly destroyed the UK - it has played a part in the overcrowding in social housing, the destruction of British morality, the silencing of Christians and affiliated faith groups, the lowering of standards in hospitals and schools, the lack of jobs for indigenous people, creation of a huge tax burden, the increase in crime....

    Any more and the country will just collapse and become like war torn afghanistan, with plenty of former inhabitants of that country here for authenticity.

  8. ... and still the state would endeavour to shut us up!

    Our comments would be regarded as racist!

    Truth and free speech are dead in the UK, they have been surpassed by political correctness, spin and racism.

    I am f*cking sick to death of it.

  9. The biggest afront to democracy is the arch destroyer Bliar in line for the Presidency of Europe! So he can wield his magic across an entire continent, removing borders and encouraging the spread of Islam. A dream come true for him.

  10. We are making slow but important progress in that we can air our views on blogs. Long may that last. We must be hated by the ruling class but power to the people!

  11. Cool peach slices to you all. My God, they are wonderful.

    Ivan IV, by the way, dead ringer, just in case anyone was wondering.

  12. That photo says it all. What a bunch of little c*nts!

  13. Gigits, I think you are confused about sex - they all look like boys to me.