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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Pots and Kettles?

Ladies And Gentlemen, I Present The Face Of Moral Outrage!

Now we have a phone tapping saga mightily whipped by those creamy experts in Labour. Well, guess what, I hope that from this teacup emerges a storm of evidence as to their real activities behind closed doors. Come on NoW let's have some stuff we can really learn from.
What if we discover Jimmy screwed our pensions, left our troops without decent equipment, bankrupted The Nation whilst flirting and ennobling their Banker mates, made up nasty stories about Opposition's families, attempt to stifle bloggers? Just imagine if all this came out. Just think of the outcry if millions were out of work, mass immigration was overwhelming our schools and hospitals. What if phone tapping revealed the disdain Labour have for anyone other than themselves? There would be riots on the streets, wouldn't there?


  1. Quite why anyone would want to listen in to the interminable drunken obscenties of those involved, I cannot imagine. Nor, I suspect did they get much sense out of them.

  2. John Yates punctured some Lefty smear bubbles in the last hour but I can't see the Grauniad or Al Jabeeba letting go. Yates also states categorically that Prescott's phone was NOT tapped - it all has a strong whiff of Mandelson and McBride!

  3. Doesn't surprise me BS. Good photo though OR. Do you think it was taken before or after he threw up?

  4. Subrosa, he does look svelte in this pic so I guess after!

  5. Why did this story appear when it did, it's been floating around for ages ?