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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Oldrightie not so out of step?

What Do We Want? When Do We Want It................?

More than half of voters (52 per cent) want troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan straight away, with 43 per cent disagreeing. Opposition to the military action is even stronger among women.
By a margin of nearly two-to-one, the public believes that the Taliban cannot be defeated militarily. Fifty-eight per cent view the war as "unwinnable", with 31 per cent disagreeing.
There is overwhelming agreement – by 75 per cent to 16 per cent – that British troops in Afghanistan lack the equipment they require to perform their role safely.
Despite that, 60 per cent of people do not think more troops and resources should be dispatched to the war zone. Just over one third (35 per cent) are in favour of reinforcements being sent in.
The collapse in confidence in Britain's involvement in Afghanistan comes after the numbers killed in the action exceeded those who died in Iraq.


The link to this article is in the heading. A ComRes survey. The article continues by mentioning Jimmy's statement that the first phase of Panthers Claw was over. He said no such thing. See my previous post. The subtle manipulation of our minds really is Orwellian. Those employed to do it, The BBC, in particular have a smug air of "We aren't being manipulated"; which is rather daft in itself. It was that kind of smugness got a lot of heads chopped off in France, a little while ago!

Meanwhile, back at Aintworthalot's HQ,

The Ministry of Defence will today launch an appeal to claim back compensation given to two injured soldiers.


  1. I don't think I have ever come closer to being an 'average' person. This Panther's Claw operation seems to be the tipping point in people's opinions. I don't see how the bunch of cynical fuckers currently in government could continue to 'justify' the Afghanistan adventure if the troops are driven back again in the coming months.

    Still not enough boots on the ground and not enough equipment. There is no cause for celebration yet.

  2. We cannot win, nor should we presume to continue to invade another country!

    These battles have to be won by the people themselves, from within.

    We need to get all our troops out, save lives, save money.

    Let the Afghans sort their own crap out!

  3. Yes and besides cutting compensation in the specific cases OR mentioned,the MOD is spying on other injured soldiers to check if their injuries are as serious as they were diagnosed, presumably also aimed at cutting their compensation. Incredible! Sometimes I despair at what our country has become under the truly despicable nulabour.

  4. Have a look and shudder at an article "Afghanistan: Training ground for war with Russia" on by Rick Rozofff 28/07/09. This particular website offers a range of measured articles from a broad sweep of respected writers and analysts. There are many recent articles on British war propaganda and suspect collaboration with the US amongst a huge range of current global topics.

  5. oldrightie and his quitters utd wandering about the blogsphere looking for some where to surrender.
    some one to betray.

    feasting on dying soldiers souls like the Ghouls they really are.


    give us a spellcheck then

  6. Anonymous, you're a fine one to talk about a spell check! You don't even capitalise properly. You're a typical Labourite with only half an education and a "send them to their deaths attitude". You're what's wrong with Britain.

    This war is political. We have no business in Afghanistan or Iraq. Let the Americans deal with it, if they so desperately want the oil and the opium.

  7. Anonymouse, I will tolerate your ignorant bile for so long but I have the ability to delete your crap, if childish name calling is all you can muster. I'm happy to enjoy your utter nastiness aimed at myself. I dish it out and am happy to trade but leave my guests alone, moron.
    Furthermore you are also using language against my take on our troops dreadful treatment, by your so called Government of fools, against 52% of those polled in the ComRes survey. So let me see, Labour are down in the teen percentages in the last big election. Carry on with the nastiness, my anonymouse, working a treat. How was Norwich, by the way?

  8. Anonymous is incapable of coherent argument, but clearly enjoys reading this blog because he returns again and again. It's great when Labour voters behave like this because they illustrate exactly why they are morally bankrupt and unfit to govern. May he continue to serve as a reminder of how vile Labour are and how much damage they have done to our once Green and Pleasant Land... lest we forget!

  9. Do have a look at the link Clarinda gave. A completely different aspect on all of this and even more frightening.

  10. This is indeed a fascinating link. I have posted before how I consider the awfulness of our and other Governments', visible bad behaviour is as of nothing to that which we never get to know about. Slowly the internet is nibbling away at these deeper and darker areas. I pray that the globalisation of deceit and subterfuge will one day crumble. It pervades commerce, arms dealing and the manipulation of huge wealth for the gratification of the few. I rank Blair amongst them and Jimmy close behind, if only for differnt reasons. Blair for the money, Jim for the power.