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Saturday, 11 July 2009


To All Our Soldiers, God Speed.

To our despicable Government, call an election and let someone else have a go.


  1. you saying Cameron would pull the British troops out then?

    I see you are not in the Photograph with the troops it is easy to tell you would be the one with the white flag.

  2. Hello again, thanks for dropping by. I've no idea what Cameron would do other than far better than your Labour crowd of cretins and rug wearers.
    Let me make this clear. The biggest threat to our security is from the uncontolled mass immigration policy of Labour. We probably have as many Al Queda operatives in The UK as there are anywhere else in the world. We have laws prohibiting discussion on these issues, we have been attacked by "home grown" terrorists. Security of our borders? A joke for which our troops are being uselessly sacrificed.
    If you really want Oldrightie's pictures from five years service, I'll send them to you if you let me know where. Labour HQ perhaps? Your service record is? I suggest to you there is not one Cabinet Minister who has ever been in the services. I stand to be corrected.

  3. It's all bullshit - we fight foreign wars but at the same time we allow our own country to be overrun.

  4. Exactly, JPT. If you haven't been here, worth a look.

  5. I was going to post a comment but then noticed you'd linked to me so you probably know my views! You & JPT have it right - it makes no sense to be over in Afghanistan while the govt attempts to appease extremists & radicals over here. It's like pushing water uphill.

  6. Get the troops out of Iran and Afghanistan. They should be dealing with the terrorists in the UK.

    The troops are NOT making things safer for the UK, they are making things worse.

    Once they´re out, pack all the Iraq´s and Afghani´s that have been living in the UK back to their countries and let them sort it out!

    We have better things to do with our money and our troops deserve more than this pointless, unwinnable war.

  7. Racist conservative vermin what is your motto.

    wogs go home

  8. you can always stop anonymous comments you do know how to do this

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  9. you can always stop anonymous comments you do know how to do this

    I do indeed but thank you for your concern. I am anxious to allow most comments and those that are derogatory or unpleasant, I think long and hard about deleting them. Nevertheless I suspect that quite a number of the "nasty" wing of Labour (most of them) only proves why they are so despised. Bring it on!
    I also find it amusing that all comments are regarded as from "Conservatives". I visited a Social Action site today and they agreed wholeheartedly with my stance on Afghanistan.

  10. It never made sense to invade Afghanistan and it made even less sense to go to Iraq. If I could work out that Saddam was bluffing the Iranians to keep them in line, the British and American governments were either a)stupid, or b)duplicitous. It's difficult to decide because we're talking about Bush,(stupid), and Blair (duplicitous)!

    BTW, that Anonymous is a serious Lefty cretin!

  11. It's great when a Labour moron behaves so objectionably on this blog, because it just shows what a bunch of pricks they are and how stupid people have been to vote for them. Go on Anonymous, do your worst, as you sit there with your trousers around your ankles. Totally uneducated and incapable of any rational argument.

  12. Anonymous said...

    "Racist conservative vermin what is your motto.

    wogs go home"

    So, even if I did use the word 'wogs' (which I don't) would that somehow be worse than referring to someone as 'racist conservative vermin'?

    I am not racist. But I do have concerns about radical Islam, which is emphatically (and declaredly) a threat to democracy.

    I am not conservative. And have never voted Conservative.

    On account of the fact that it is the lefty rump that is about to be exterminated at the GE, there is no real doubt about who the vermin actually is.