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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nick Robinson's New Home?

The BBC Have Released This Picture Of Their Esteemed (In Labour circles) Political Propaganda Chief, Interviewing Lord Fondleladsbums.

What a disgraceful and unpleasant sycophant Robinson is. Having been parked, whilst Jim is off polluting The Lake District, Toenails interviews Fondlebum. How can people, knowing the worst about this horrible creature, be so smarmy. Whatever Labour have on Toenails, it certainly keeps it very much in the dark. I suppose, given his nickname, not so surprising!


  1. Started to watch Newsnight last night and when I saw it was old "TwinkleToes" Robinson interviewing Mandy, I had to turn it off for fear of vomiting.

  2. Good for you, SL. I suspect it was a turn off for a lot of people.