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Friday, 31 July 2009

Jimmy responds To Prezza's Begging Letter?

Busking For Come Fourth?

Such is the success of Labour that Pies Prezza has launched a begging email to pay for his losses after a disastrous bus tour of The Northern England pie and fish and chip shops. Jimmy offered to help as well as using his after leaving Office, new found musical skills. A Downing Street spokesperson sycophant said "The PM has offered his services whilst in The Lake District and intends to make public a YouTube video of his efforts". Prezza reports a flood of email responses to his begging bowl email. None contain any dosh. Most wonder why he is unable to lay his hands on a measly £2k of taxpayers money.


  1. Too right, "Come Fourth"! That's all they'll manage to do in a lot of places.

  2. I just wish they'd come "Come Fourth" sooner rather than later... before they do anymore damage!

  3. Labour's shocking record at not tackling crime - article points out that criminals on probation committed 100 homicides in two years. The victims were tragically betrayed by an incompetent government supposed to be protecting them. Only the Conservatives will sort this out.

  4. "Only the Conservatives will sort this out."

    I do hope you are right. They will need huge support to counter The BBC and LieBour dirt machine.

  5. General Sir Richard Dannatt, chief of the general staff, called yesterday for the government to be put on a "war-like footing" over Afghanistan. Success in the battle against the Taliban was "not discretionary", he said.

    "war-like footing"

    Success was "not discretionary", he said.

    One in the eye for Oldrightie and his white feather column.

  6. Typical ignoramous. General Dannat's speech was an excoriation of Jimmy Snot and Labour's legacy to our Military weakness.

    "It is not hard to see why Dannatt was ousted by a Prime Minister who has done more to weaken Britain’s armed forces than any leader in modern times. His IISS speech contained none of the Miliband-like weak-kneed talk of cutting deals with the Taliban, or flowery discussion of how Britain should be advancing a ludicrous European defence identity with Brussels. Instead he offered a frank assessment of Britain’s current military requirements if it is to retain its position as a global power as well as a strong reaffirmation of the Anglo-American Special Relationship. Refreshingly he didn’t even mention the European Union once."

    My argument from day one is not about to fight or not to fight. it's about having the correct strategy, equipment and leadership. If any part of the chain of command is crap, don't get involved. If you do pick a fight make sure you can afford it. As for a 2Global Power", that's a joke. Power is wealth and money. All of which Jimmy Queynte has pissed up the wall. You, my flower of Labour and wilted rose, are a twat. I think a closer study of the speech may and I mean may, teach you something.

  7. How on earth can that anonymous fucking shit-for-brains troll get Sir Richard Dannatt's point totally backwards? I know they all talk out of their arses but do you think he really IS that moronic or does he think it's a cunning plan?

    Oops, just answered my own question - either way he's proved that he IS, in fact, a moron! Haven't you Baldrick?

  8. Oldrghtie you haven't got it in you to FIGHT leave that to the MEN

  9. Oldrghtie you haven't got it in you to FIGHT leave that to the MEN


  10. That was funny. Please post more!!!!!!