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Saturday, 11 July 2009


Up He Pops Now His Cosy World Is Threatened From Another Front.

"Our security depends on strengthening the Pakistan and Afghan governments to defeat both al-Qaeda and also the Pakistan and Afghan Taliban." Said Mr Brown.

I absolutely disagree with Jim's statement there. Our security depends on our having strong borders and very strict immigration controls. Has he ever toured Sparkbrook, in Birmingham. Half the population are Taliban. As for strengthening The Afghan and Pakistan Governments. How many years is that going to take before we are forced to surrender the notion that this is possible?
Al Queda and The Islamists attacked The Twin Towers in order to destabilise our economies. It's working as they bleed us dry financially, morally and with the blood of our soldiers. I seethe enough about Labour's deluded Government of idiots but this takes first place in their abject and disgraceful lack of sense or decency. Remember John Reid as we set off to this benighted hell hole?

Dr Reid, famously boasted in 2006 that he expected British forces being sent into Helmand would leave again ‘without a shot being fired’
He's now trousering thousands a year as a consultant to a security firm operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. So while our troops suffer for lack of the right equipment and air support this ex-hoon of a Defense Minister profits. Shameless and useless. Just like his erstwhile boss and their ilk.


  1. Him and his ilk should go and talk to some of the Vet's from the russian army maybe just maybe they would get a clue as to how stupid this war is.As for being Winnable as that idiot Ainsworth said that statement beggers belief.

  2. Our troops shouldn't be there in the first place OR. As you say they should be here protecting us not setting up governments in countries which are far larger than us and are perfectly capable of setting their own systems.

    Brown is a madman.

  3. More propaganda from the appeasers the cant fight won't fight Brigade.
    honorable wearer's of the white feather in their cap's.

    Run away from every battle in history
    with the moral strength of a wobbly jelly.

    and have Sir John William Frederic Nott as their watchword and hero

  4. Anonymouse, you are the one hiding behind an anonymous post. Declare yourself and prove you are not a coward but a pathetic Labour imbecile. There are more brave people outside of socialism than ever were in it.

  5. John Nott is right, and one of our few military figures to get it right in Afghanisation was his forebear General William Nott back in the 1840's. He has studied the matter in detail and is familiar with its history. What is remarkable is that so many people normally found amongst the hawks, are saying that the Aghan venture is a disastrous mistake. Me? I marched to The Garryowen, and have no doubt that the Afgan mission will be a failure, just as all the other foreign interventions in the territory in history have been.

  6. Oldrightie

    Goes to war

  7. I don't know who this anonymous twat is and I don't really care.
    What I, and many others, care about is the despicable manner in which our troops are treated.
    They are sent off to a land thousands of miles distant to fight a war in which this country has no interest.
    If they're going to be sent, then they deserve the best possible equipment that money can buy. They deserve the unflagging support of the British people and their government. That they are not getting the support from the government is down to the mean-minded vindictiveness of Brown, no more no less.

    I'm a huge supporter of the Forces and I wish them well in their battles but if this country was allowed to defend its borders properly and not do what the EU wants, we'd have no problem.

    As others have said, the battle should be fought in this country.

  8. Oldrightie said...
    I rather like being compared to an old lion, who did eventually find courage.

    Winston Churchill
    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

    Jimmy Snot does neither. Not known as bottler Brown for nowt!

    Still our Anonytroll does not declare his true identity. Typical socialist, hide behind his mother's shabby skirts, prat.

  9. Anonymous is the biggest coward of all, hiding behind anonymity! Cowering behind his PC!

  10. Hi, Steve, I agree with that. He's back on my latest post and there is a hint in his style of a rebuttal leftover! Labour never operate in the open!