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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Is This The Greatest Thief Of All Time?

National Audit Office fails accounts of five UK public bodies.

While the latest figures for public sector net borrowing have shown debt rises to £13bn June;
Armed forces starved of equipment;
The Exchequer has lost £22bn in tax revenues as a result of the downturn;

As he readies himself for The Lake District and spends hours choosing the outfit to wear for the photo shoots, billions of OUR cash remain a reservoir beneath a urine stained edifice of Socialist incompetence. Does this moronic cyclops have no idea that an election and a new set of accountants might just make a better job? Of course he has. Does he care? Of course not? Off on his hols whilst our soldiers continue to run the Afghan chicken shoot of his making. Loathsome man from a loathsome Government and Party.



  1. Pissed up the wall on left wing socialist totalitarian schemes and paying for millions of immigrants who were invited by Labour to buy votes.

    Millions chucked at foreign countries, even though we were providing a home for their citizens in the UK.

    Millions gone to the EU to ensure a proper socialist state can be extended Europe wide.

    Millions on hog swilling politicians and their millions of jobsworth buddies in the civil service to ensure that we are kept in our place.

    All done, without asking the taxpayer if they minded funding the whole bloody lot.

    Well, I do!

  2. Spot on Sue! Immigration was always a vote buyer for Labour.

    A rock group called The Libertines wrote a song called "What a waster, what a f*****g waster, you've pissed it all up the wall". It's words are so fitting for our ailing national wasters.

  3. Looks like Mandy cut him shaving.

    All my life I have been hearing and reading about cuts here cuts there cutbacks Every F***ng Where.
    As you say " Where has all the money gone " ?

    Unemployed, disabled, overseas but the worst culprit >>
    Bloated civil service and quangocracy stuffed with not very capable people doing nothing of any great concern very expensivly.

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