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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Is Fondlebum Losing His Touch?

Or Was He Never That Good?

How utterly delicious! Toenails primed to run all day on his blog and The Pravda 24/7 system. Oh so smug and thrilled. Was this the story to do in Cameron, save Labour (ergo his manicure sinecure). Then along comes a chap who adores Labour more than you can imagine. A man who knows more about their decency, loyalty, patriotism and absolute honesty than any other soul alive or dead.

Toenails, we will soon see you ejected back into the real world, your head covered with the excrement you have spent so much time wallowing in. A turncoat and traitor to the truth will never easily enjoy a peaceful old age. I suspect, Mr Robinson, your liver will soon fail from the bile you have to dilute with booze, to keep down. I shall not be sad. Roll on the election.

Rare picture below, sent by a BBC staffer!

Nick Robinson in makeup preparing to interview James?


  1. Seems OK my end, Suzy. Try the wikio button and let me know, please.

  2. Thanks, GV, It may have resolved since your last post. I hope so!