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Thursday, 2 July 2009

"If" Series Number Two!

If Labour Were An Airline!

Idea borrowed from the excellent

Now how about some more!


  1. Is that the "Aloha Airlines" B737? It looks like a section of the roof is missing.

    Nu Liebor are certainly suffering from fatigue, thanks to too many policy reversals, and hopefully will suffer a sudden decompression shortly...

  2. You're lingering at the bottom of my bloglist OR - no matter how many times I re-do it, the link still points to a post in March. Any ideas?

  3. GV, no idea at all but my stats do seem very bare and I assumed that was because no one really cared for my utterings! Subrosa had problems once, I wonder if she found a solution? I will re-check my feeds.

  4. The feeds are not updating for some reason!

    Labour government is the airframe from hell, the stress fractures and metal fatigue have torn her apart. Ruthless passengers butchered the cabin and kamikaze pilots have steered it into oblivion. Black box recording features only one line of speech: "The Labour Party are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich".