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Friday, 3 July 2009

"If" Labour Did Tennis!

Jimmy Sends Best Wishes From A Leeds Farm!

So, is there anything they can do? According to Polly Twat they're brilliant with pensions. Yup, rather like all the other "If's".


  1. The laddie didn't stand a chance after the kiss of death from Jimmy. I knew it 2 days ago so I didn't put a bet on.

  2. Yeah well, it was a lot more entertaining when the players were really amateur.

  3. The papers are trying to regain Murray's approval by the English.

    I haven't spoken to a single English person who supports him, the petulant, racist, lanky scotch twat.

    Rewrite the Barnett formula, give Scotchland to the Scotch, Wales to the Welsh and England to the English!

  4. Murry supports Paraguay in the football, enough said.

  5. So, is there anything they can do?
    Yes, waste money. They are world class at that.