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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

If Labour Did Alternative Energy!

Bunch Of Utter Hypocrites?

A citizen adjusts Jimmy's noose in readiness?

A worker inside the factory, who gave his name only as Michael, hit out at what he claimed were double standards in the government's approach to low-carbon industries.
"It's crazy for Ed Millipede to be making statement after statement about green energy and green jobs and at the same time this factory is being closed.

Is this all part of Jim Snot doing everything to get us through, Afghan war, recession, £1 trillion quids worth of debt, Mps expenses sleaze et al. A press conference where his nose just grew and grew.

From "Socialist Unity" (oxymoron)

‘Just to keep people updated at 5.30 am (approx) this morning a climate camp comrade was illegally detained by the police under Breach of the peace for attempting to deliver food to workers in occupation. The situation is make or break. Without food the occupation is in jeopardy.The police are illegally starving out the workers. Please notify as many contacts you may have with the media asap.’

Shouldn't Jimmy go to The Isle of Wight for a working holiday? Surely they would welcome him with joyous wailing? A first class, Olympic Champion, lying CNUT!


  1. OR your comment is now on the Gif if you want to get a new copy for your sidebar.

    Cheers, Ollie

  2. well a bit of old right unity and solidarity for the Vestas workers...good!

  3. Green energy is again another lie to try and keep people in unsustainable jobs. Green energy is for idealist sentimentalists who have no understanding of science and see energy in a rosy, artistic way. Bollocks!

  4. Up, thanks Ollie.
    DW, a green leftie. That's a new one. I was always solid for the workers, never for the scroungers.
    SL, I loathe the "save our bloody planet" brigade. It is sensible to find alternative energy but it's supposed to be cheaper not ten times more expensive. Fewer human beings draining the world's resources is the answer. Little chance of that whilst we dole at billions to feckless kids breeding yet more wastrels.

  5. Surely you know propping up the bankers to ensure they continue to get their bonuses is far more important than the Vestas factory OR.

  6. This is not a short story and has legs stretching back some good few years into Scotland.

    Vestas established a factory on the Mull of Kintyre to manufacture blades for the hundreds of windmills that were predicted for Scotland.

    The then Liberal-Labour Scottish Executive managed to pass nil projects for realisation because of planning laws. Wonder who was pulling those strings and why?

    The new Scottish SNP Government short cut the planning consent system and now Scotland produces more off-shore electricity than Denmark, where Vestas are head-quartered.

    There are sufficient plans on the board and now progressing to completion to allow Scotland to jump well towards a 42% drop in C gases in a decade or so.

    Still Vestas shut down the plant in Scotland and moved the production to the Isle of Wight and perhaps a new set of subsidies.

    So is this move from Vestras a cynical give us the money manoeuvre of a move to strengthen for political reasons their US manufacturing base?

    It smells like McDoom's shoes.

  7. GBBG, cracking stuff and thank you.