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Saturday, 25 July 2009

I Wonder If...............

I Can Write A Piece To Rival The Glorious MSM?
Today was unusual insomuch as a by-election count took place the 'morning after'. I was, like many anoraks, glued to the drama unfolding. For me, as I grow older and see the Country decline, my pension holdings suffer and my hard earned retirement look ever more bleak, this morning's outcome was of great significance.
Firstly any economic and social recovery must be through a different way of governing than that which has been culpable in it's creation. Just one example, of many, is the tri-partite financial regulation set up by Brown in 1997. A further such illustration is the destruction of pensions via the abolition of tax relief on fund investment dividends. A double hit in hurting the stock market and the pensions of millions of people.
The consequences of decisions and actions made a generation ago and recently, are dire. Our debt levels are out of control. So bad is the situation, budget forecasts, just weeks old, of £175 billion, are now seen to be optimistic. Our ability to pay for our nation's requirements is massively damaged. We face such pain as never before experienced other than in wartime.
This returns me to the Norwich North election result. I have watched and listened, bewildered, to the excuses by The Government and Prime Minister. It's about MPs expenses, a lack of faith in politicians, Labour voters stayed away. Not one glimmer of realisation that The Electorate no longer trust them to Govern competently or correctly. Only a few days ago The PM stated that "What people want is for us (Labour) to see them through these difficult times". So therefore we would expect this bold statement to be reflected in this by-election, would we not?
My interpretation of this "opinion poll" is that people want a General Election and possibly a change of Government. For Conservatives the big fear must be that Labour say, "We hear the message from Norwich loud and clear. As an honest response, we shall hold a General Election and The PM will use this as a platform to explain clearly and as a manifesto promise, how we intend to cope with the massive debt we have incurred. Let the people decide if they wish us to continue to Govern." Unfortunately they have decided we would not and therefore cling on with their Micawber approach regardless of "what the people want".
Such an attitude is taking their Party towards, not electoral defeat but rather possible fragmentation or even annihilation. I for one will not be sorry.


  1. I've read worse.

  2. By refusing to establish a date for the Glasgow North-East by-election, prior to Westminster's summer 'recess', defeat has been accepted by Labour. The SNP must be wondering what they would need to do to NOT win in Scotland with Labour's finger so effortlessly pressing their self-destruct button?
    They hope, however, that the UK population, buoyed by spending their diminishing cash returns on staying at home for their hols, will have short-term memories and that, in typically British fashion, revert to our "Mustn't grumble" stoicism. Fat chance.
    I think that even now Lord Mandelson is packing his vanity case for Europe's chuffing gravy-train where he hopes to meet up with his old pal Tony at the top trough.

  3. Thank you, Clarinda, I rather suspect your points are very valid. Interesting comment on Fondlebum. I also think his vanity will indeed drive him back to the European trough!

  4. Salient analysis as usual OR. Have you had a pint or three to celebrate. Please have a jar of Woods for me!

    At the rate they are going and given news from Afghanistan, despite the efforts of Sky and Al Ja Beeba to spin them out of trouble, Herr Brown and all his GOATS are in deep trouble. The only question will be - can anyone afford the piano wire.

  5. Nice piece, OR.

    As I said in another thread, Brown and Layber just don't get it, do they?

    NO, we don't want Layber to see us through difficult times, NO we don't want Jimmy McSnot to be the Prime Mentalist, NO we don't want control freakery government any longer. Crewe & Nantwich was a hint, Norwich North is confirmation, yet the Layber twats refuse to hear what is being said to them by the electorate.

    I hope and pray that they keep on pissing off the electorate by their arrogance - come the GE, they will be annihilated.

  6. Fearless Frank25 July 2009 at 14:04

    Bruin and his pals are like those party spokesmen on Election Night Special trying to pass off a trouncing as a win.
    Trouble is, they are doing it every day, at who knows what cost to their sanity

  7. Thank you all for your kind remarks but more importantly for contributing to a debate. I can't help feeling that we are very representative of the mood of The Nation which is Labour has f***ed up yet again. Post WW2 29 years wasted by these cretins. Still our "Willy Wonker" PM says he's listening, so that's all right then!

  8. What Nation is that 'ENGLISHMAN'

  9. Anonymous said...
    What Nation is that 'ENGLISHMAN'

    The United Kingdom, comprising England, Scotland, Northern Ireland (Scottish annexe) and Scotland. All of them utterly buggered by a Scottish Mafia.