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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

How Hilarious Is This?

So What? It's Not My Money, Suckers!

It has emerged just six families have been helped by the Government's Mortgage Rescue Scheme which cost more than £280 million to put in place.

Now look, I don't wish to be judgemental, this is just peanuts in Labour's world of economics. However, may I have some, please? After all a lot of it has come from fucking up our pensions, savings and lives, whilst you suck at the teat of taxpayers largesse. £3.00 for a pint of beer I paid today. How expensive is that? Still twats say they'll vote for these cretins. Unbelievable.


  1. Six families? God bless Labour!

  2. It is beyond belief that anybody could vote for them. In a true democracy, the right to vote would be removed from such morons. Britain was only any good when only gentlemen could vote - once they let people who are too thick to vote into the equation, democracy was buggered for ever. Democracy was not invented for idiotic spongers. What we have here is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

    For so many losers, they would vote Labour even if it meant giving away all their savings. What would it take is the question? How much does a life long Labour voter take before they change their vote?

  3. SL many voters have given away chunks of their savings, or rather had it stolen.

    Still people say they will vote labour because they don't want a tory government.

    High time England had a decent alternative party.