Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Forgive me if you've seen it.

As He Leaves For His Hols.

As soldiers die, families lose their homes and jobs, Jim minces off, fully believing in his own special worth. I so detest the deluded ass.


  1. Jim has not minced off. I am still here. Just like JGB, with whom I confess I share a couple of initals. But nothing else. Except that we were both born in Glasgow.

    But that really is it. Because, you see, I have a moral compass. I use it to tell where north is so that I never have to go there. And it's so moral that it never lies although magnets can confuse it sometimes

  2. Of course magnates never confused Blair. Fascinated, yes...

  3. Thanks OR. As the inimitable and dangerously perspicacious Subrosa has noted, I've not being having such a good couple of weeks. We all get it, not such good foreplay, I mean fortnights.

    But I'm the mend, and ready again to take such fight as I can muster to the axis of evil, and I mean those at the top of this foul goverment.

  4. You are a genuine wag, JB and so very welcome here!

  5. Thanks again OR.

    Gordon or course is a genuine wank. No really. trust me. I have studied wanks.

    Reluctantly - preferring the real thing - what's the difference between an egg and a wank? - you can't beat a wank. Never agreed with that - always preferred a nice nest of eggs meself.

  6. Have 'borrowed' the vid. Hope you don't mind.