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Monday, 20 July 2009

A European Solution?

No Thank You!

The whole idea of a European State appals me. Why? It will be a Socialist state of equality for the masses, pain for the poor, joy for The Labour hierarchy. You doubt me? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a Labour figure of stature and immense hypocrisy;

We'll keep the red
flying here and sod the poor, dim twats

who vote for us.

Come to Mummy, LabourHome, you deluded pillocks.


  1. My first reaction to your terrible blog was always negative. Yet I really see the link you badly suggest. Thank goodness you aren't too clever and you are old.

  2. OR - spelling about to be crap -apologies - litre of whisky

    Will you please stop posting stuff I agree with? I am narturally combative and highly aggressive and you are disappointing me in the extreme because you leave me nothing to fight.

    Oh, I'm a Glaswegian. Sorry, I forgot there. We are all Tories Most of us don't realise. But I do. We are patriots.

  3. Will you please stop posting stuff I agree with?

    At the tender age of 17 I joined the Air Force. I fought tooth and nail with Glaswegians because we were so alike! You are such a fierce independent and warrior clan, it makes you natural Tories!

  4. OR, we are indeed. My respects once again. Some people will say we're in love. But people who really know will say we are British.

  5. Oh, and patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, of course. The last refuge of the Glaswegian is the Press Bar on Albion Street.

  6. You worked for the Big Blue.

    OK, my respects again. That's the last time. Next time I'm going to call you a cunt.

  7. I notice that Anonymous isn't brave enough to leave his name, (very Labour) - he manages to insult you, agree with you while insulting you again and then shoves in yet another new final insult!

    That approach to commenting would appear to demonstrate magnificently the workings of the mind of a typical Labour troll and also that his brain clearly consists entirely of pig shit!

  8. Morning OR. I too must be a tory because you do post my thoughts accurately.

  9. She is Queen to King Boyo and they have Prince troughers, as well!

  10. Now if she ended up in the pit with all the other bodies we might have something to smile about. Oh, and chuck her other half in, as well...

  11. I can´t think of anything worse than living in a leftie socialist society.

    What is there left for those with ambition who work hard then? I work 14 hours a day sometimes and I am sure as hell NOT going to subsidise a socialist Europe and their lazy arse underclasses and uninvited immigrants.

    The Kinnocks are the epitome of Labour hypocrites. Do fuck all but make taxpayers fund the massive social system that they have set up and bleed us dry to pay their obscene wages and pension funds. They disgust me, infact, the whole socialist ethos is one of total inequality. Why on earth should some useless wanker earn as much as I do when I work harder? Why should I work harder just to pay more taxes for some degenerate layabout?

    I hope all socialist lefties burn in hell!!! I have had enough of living with communists.

    Anon as usual is a simpering, socialist coward.

  12. With you all the way, Suzy and all sensible righties!

  13. Her ugly derisory look in the photograph says it all. She's looking at journalists in disdain, so angry to have been seen at her precious, precious trough!

  14. Yes indeed, Steve. So much for The People, eh?

  15. Troughligate old cow, she and her disgusting husband will have to scrape by on just 6 pensions unless they can wangle themselves places in the UN for a couple more.

  16. Wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire!

    About as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    Her hubbie is another deluded useless wanker, in need of assisted suicide the pair of leftie feckers.

    Crazy Daisy