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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Could The Curse Of Jimmy Go Global?

Aftershocks have rocked the Italian town of L'Aquila, where the G8 summit is due to open this week.

Now is it me or is the mental state of G8 "Leaders" becoming addled with all this junketing. We are supposed to be in a recession but these clowns still keep their circus on the road and scrabble for headlines whenever they can. What on earth possessed this sex maniac of a juvenile, even infantile persuasion, to do this? Can you see the headlines? "World leaders flee earthquake city chased by protesters as police fall into craters!" On the upside the recession would end much more quickly if this lot did disappear and that includes Saint Obama.


  1. Will my prayers be answered? To Poseidon, of course, not one of your local gods.

  2. OldRightie

    please do not post on Iain Dales diary any more you are unwelcome.

    Tickets for the Tory Conference Pride Party - Book Now!
    Iain Dale 2:49 PM

  3. Oi Labourite, have you remembered to collect your benefits today? You can put them in the same place you put your pride.

  4. Steve, I've posted on Iain Dale's regarding this comment. Never mind "Gay" Pride, seems more Gay Mafia!

  5. Anonymous said...

    please do not post on Iain Dales diary any more you are unwelcome.


    Oldrightie said...
    Iain, according to a post on my blog I am persona non grata on your blog. Is that really you? If so, I see tolerance only works one way these days.

    July 08, 2009 6:37 PM

    Iain Dale said...
    OldRightie, no idea what you are talking about!

    July 08, 2009 6:40 PM

    I do not see any reason for my feelings to be any less valid than anyone else's. it is not compulsory to comment on this blog.

    Oldrightie Pride!

  6. Well said to the Labour troll, OR.

  7. Well, thank you BS. We now have Labour and other trolls to contend with. Bring it on!