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Thursday, 2 July 2009


Don't let Them Get Away With It.

The Summer break approaches. Towards the end of the month those still basking in the riches of Government and parliamentary privilege will shut up shop and gather in the elite holiday destinations now denied to many of the people whose lives and pensions they have ruined. Bankers will still be luxuriating in the comfort of the biggest confidence trick ever pulled in modern history. In their opulent suites or on their friends yachts, the champagne will still flow, the lackeys still lackey and all will carry on as normal. Remember that old refrain, "It's the rich wot gets the pleasure, the poor wot gets the blame?". I am not speaking of well off, well earnt people, either. Professionals from all walks of life will, deservedly, also enjoy holidays and flirt with expensive hotels. Here are people genuinely deserving to be enjoying that.
No, my clarion call to bloggers is to not be dictated to by the MSM and their self-proclaimed silly season. Regardless of the passion for the circus of politics, so beloved of our rulers, to take a breather. Regardless of their perceived need to refresh and hone their ability to control placing woolen balaclavas over our heads, back to front, we must seek out material to shame them on their beaches, private jets and in their secret hideaways. This includes The MSM who will connive to control and perpetuate a virtual news blackout. Don't let them, particularly the stars of blogging such as Guido and the like. Now is the time for we mice to play and play hard.



  1. And here was me thinking I'd get a long break too. Auch well, I can't win them all.

  2. Quite right too. I guess many of us think about, talk about, write about the lunacies that now purport to be government policy.
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