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Friday, 31 July 2009

Brown and Labour's Afghanistan Campaign.

Not Exactly Thrilled To See The Queynte, Are They?

How awkward he looks in the company of real blokes!

My Bete Noir wants to chat, so here goes. Perhaps my loathing for this Government's ineptitude in all it attempts, disastrously, to accomplish, has been most concentrated on their pathetic lack of support and funding for the armed services. Not my words but those of Aintworthalot. "
“We(?) have tended in politics in this country to concentrate on the domestic, on the here and now – the ‘what’s in it for me’.”
Mr Ainsworth conceded that decisions taken to cut some defence programmes in earlier years could now be seen as mistakes.
In 2004, Gordon Brown’s Treasury imposed a significant cut in the Ministry of Defence’s budget for helicopters, which has contributed to a shortage of aircraft for British Forces in Afghanistan today. "

Now these words hide much more than their admission of failure. This neglect has led and will continue to lead to further deaths and dreadful injuries. Since we have been placed in these war zones for the benefit of The USA and global self-interest, we ought to have not committed, unless we had the equipment and resources to do it. Not only IEA proof vehicles, helicopters and much more necessary kit was in short supply, even more damning was the lack of medical support. A senior Surgeon General said just today;

"We have been watching the whole campaign – not just Panther's Claw – over the past two to three years, reacting to the number of patients in the hospital. In fact, we identified that there was a stage at which we needed more surgeons and surgical teams to react to the ongoing flow of casualties."

To highlight these words, The Telegraph, today;

"Soaring casualty list forces Army to call on US medics
Scale of injuries caused by roadside bombs and mines in Afghanistan putting unbearable pressure on British surgeons.
By Kim Sengupta, Defence Correspondent
Friday, 31 July 2009
According to the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen Association, 73 members of the armed forces had lost limbs and the number is expected to rise to 80 when recent injuries are counted
The rising toll of British casualties in Afghanistan has left Army surgeons so exhausted that they have had to ask for urgent help from an American medical team. The number of British troops injured in Afghanistan has soared – 57 were wounded in action in the first two weeks of July, the highest figure in such a period for both the Afghan and Iraq conflicts."

I feel strongly that the lack of interest by Labour, in our military needs, since they came to power in 1997 is a disgrace. Regardless of any considerations prior to 97, it is Labour who have sent us into wars knowing we were not sufficiently well FUNDED to do it properly. The helicopter saga, poor terrain troop vehicles and many other aspects of the requirements for the Iraq and Afghanistan fighting are well documented. Now the horrific consequences are being felt down the line via the medical care facilities and personnel, shortcomings.
I really do not know how much more I can do or say to stress my feelings and beliefs. That I and all my supporters on this blog are passionate about the armed services, care deeply for their losses, injuries and families is not in any doubt.
What is very much in doubt is the ability of any Labour Government to get anything right. In this matter their inability is killing people and orphaning a lot of kids. We are broke, bankrupt, skint, ruined. We cannot afford this war or any other. That is my argument and it will take guts to accept it and bring us out of Afghanistan. Labour and Brown, whilst enjoying lavish holidays and exotic company, might care to "get on a war footing". For these champagne socialists, such as Mandleson, Kinnock, Blair, Brown et al, their only preoccupation, admitted by Bob The Knob, pretty well, is their passion to cling to power and a European gravy job.

Time well past when this shower should have been gone.


Now we have a further dash of fuel to the fire of this argument;

"In Afghanistan, U.S. May Shift Strategy Request for Big Boost in Afghan Troops Could Also Require More Americans." Washington Post report.

So like the 1980s Russian experience. Is this yet another Vietnam?


  1. OR, do you realise you're driving me to drink with posts such as this? My stomach just can't take the level this government has take this country too - base.

    And yet they continue to give overseas aid. Why?

  2. Here old rightie point out a Labour blog which continually calls Cameron a CUN# just one will do

  3. @Ignominious. It looks like Cameron may get his chance soon enough. But, for now, the cun# in charge gets the flak - that's the way it is.

  4. Subrosa, have you heard the latest news? Sierra Leone has stolen all our aid!
    Anonymouse, I'm so sorry that it offends you, why bother visiting, if it does? It's how I feel about Brown. I loathe your sanctimonious, hypocritical and useless Labour Party. In particular I despise the destruction of our Country and the misery that they have brought to the least well off. All the time claiming some sort of moral high ground that exists only in their minds, while they rape and pillage the rest of us. Ignorant and downright nasty. So I fight fire with fire. Someone has to call a spade a spade and it just about keeps me sane.

    Hi, Edgar!

  5. OR I just watched that on the news a couple of hours ago. Couldn't believe what I saw really but I was interrupted in my haverings.

    Hopefully I can see what the MSM report in the morning but I doubt if that will be anything near the truth.

  6. Zilch on the BBC this morning. Too embarrassing?

  7. Is it any wonder the armed forces are in a mess when you've got a former sheet metal worker making the decisions. Aintworthalot should go back to Sheffield, or wherever he's from.

  8. It would be bothersome to any Scot to read but then you obviously do not consider how offensive you are being not to Gordon Brown.

    But to others who do not even support or vote for the Labour party.

    even Edgar shows in his comment cun# a measure of normalcy you I'm afraid show more than a hint of 'PERVERSION' in using that word constantly

  9. Don't forget this OR:
    Government appeals against HRA ruling for troops
    It's their actions we judge this govt by - not their words. Ainsworth's whiny pathetic self-excusing pleas are meaningless.

  10. Anonyqueynte, you are what's wrong with this country.

  11. country country what one is that then ???

    the one oldrightie spends day after day betraying

  12. anyone found a labour blog which calls Cameron a Cun# continually yet.

    no what only right wing Tories use disgusting language

  13. In my opinion using obscene language (referring to body parts, sexual and excretory functions) is intolerable and obliging others to accept it is a form of bullying

  14. How is anyone being being obliged to accept it, Tara?

  15. By the looks of it, you're one Labour supporter waging a sycophant's campaign of socialist subterfuge here, attempting to quell the pursuit of truth. You wouldn't watch a horror film if it bothered you? You wouldn't go into a betting shop if it offended you? You wouldn't read the Daily Star if it bothered you?

    So why read a blog, day after day, that bothers you.

  16. Cheers, Phil. Also there is some argument as to the use of the word in question and to all intents and purposes we may refer to James as quaint!


    The word may have its root from the Germanic word “kunton” meaning female genitalia. It also may not. Either way, we have been using it since the 13th century and it hasn’t always been considered as offensive. In Chaucer’s time it was just bawdy, not offensive. It was also spelled queynte. In a delightful twist this word was seemingly interchangeable with the modern day “quaint” and possible that the words were not thought to be distinct. I suggest that every time you hear someone call something quaint from now on, you substitute in your mind, the word cunt. It’s a great game. Further searching found that one meaning of quaint is “a many layered folded-in mystery.” This was from in the Sex Dictionary though, so take your quaint with a grain of salt.
    Now one or two of my regular visitors of the fair sex will know well enough I

    "seeke bot sporte wy theyse queynte jestes fur thee whu wil be bayde"!

  17. I come here because it is usually fun and accurate!

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  19. A very good analysis, SL. There is a lot to put right. The dreadful attitude of the Left is only they have a social conscience. Some good thirteen years of that delusion has achieved. Their banker (or the rhyming word) friends together with The Blairs, Kinnocks and so forth have not a care in the world. Disgusting.


    your song Oldrightie

  21. Well I thank you for that "coward of the county" song. A fine and wonderful tribute to my beliefs and actions. If this is well meant, thank you. If it a stupid and malicious act, you silly, silly queyente. This song is in homage to humble but hopefully noble causes that you couldn't be bothered to listen to. You really are an arse.
    Please, next time post us your military service record.

  22. My service is as a PATRIOT to queen and country something you lost a long traitorous time away.

    you are a Englishman without honour even in your own Country.

  23. Now, forgive me, it is "an Englishman". As for without honour, why? Where is your service record, my poor little soul?