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Friday, 10 July 2009

What Is It For?


Gordon Brown has said that the government will do everything it can to protect the armed forces in Afghanistan and stressed the importance of the international community seeing through its commitment there.
So, Jimmy, my lad, here are two examples that belie your weasel and disgusting words.

A High Court decision has ruled in favour of an enquiry into the use of inadequate vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq, July the ninth, 2009.

In November, 2008, in his resignation letter, Major Morley, the commander of D Squadron, 23 SAS, was said to have blamed "chronic under investment" in equipment by the Ministry of Defence for their deaths.
The paper said he believed the MoD was guilty of "gross negligence" and that its failure to supply better equipment was "cavalier at best, criminal at worst".
Now one thing you might learn, Snotgobbler and Wiggy Ainsworth and the rest of your useless regime, is from history.

The September 11th Sourcebooks


Early military reports emphasized the difficulty of fighting on the mountainous terrain, for which the Soviet Army had no training whatsoever. Parallels with the American War in Vietnam were obvious and frequently referred to by the Soviet military officers.

The realization that there could be no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan came to the Soviet military leadership very early on. The issue of troop withdrawal and the search for a political solution was discussed as early as 1980, but no real steps in that direction were taken, and the Limited Contingent continued to fight in Afghanistan without a clearly defined objective.

So this terrible war drags on. The only future outlined is by yet another ugly, ill educated moron, " The way forward is hard and dangerous. More lives will be lost and our resolve will be tested". These words, written by some faceless civil servant were intoned in a bored, hard, unpleasant on the ear, accent. A man so typical of Labour's legacy. Just consider the characters behind this Government and therefore the deaths of our troops. Bliar, Jimmy himself, Harman, Straw, Skinny Prescott, Alistair "Dotty Dossier" Campbell, McBride, Millipedes one and two, Sweetbreads, The Caravan Queen and garden gnome aficionado, Lord Snakeoil. That is just a small sample. It seems as though they have about 2000 ministers to massage the mad Leader's non-existent personality.
Well, I for one, am utterly appalled at the incompetence and inadequacy of this lot. Not one thing they touch works. Stop people buying cheap booze, chuck smokers onto the street in case they talk to their friends about the excrement in power. Hospitals are dirtier than the slums of Mumbai, policemen are becoming stormtroopers, teachers are being made mad by the asbo badge wearing yobs from the client state barracks. Add to the foregoing the complete destruction of our economy, as witnessed by the embarrassment of pretence at being a G8 member, (India will take our place at that banquet ere long) and the circle of deceit is complete.
They tell us they are listening whilst continuing on their pilgrimage of hate against all things not in agreement with the great cause of Socialism. No election, no heed to the cries of the bereaved, nothing but blind arrogance and privy council secrecy. Who on earth votes for this shower of acid rain? Nothing but nothing could be worse. We must have protection from their utter awfulness.

Bring our soldiers home we need them here!


  1. It is so depressing but we must limp on to what hopefully will be a blessed relief to see them gone.

  2. Your a yellow coward oldrightie you would hide under a rock rather than fight for queen and country even if there was a Conservative Government.

  3. What a strange comment. I served proudly my Queen and Country, sadly under Socialism. Now about your good self, moron?

  4. Now Mr Anon, about cowardice. Another soldier killed. How about you post under your own identity? A white feather should do it. I served five smashing years and I would happily go to Afghanistan if they needed me, even at my advanced age. Bet I would do better than any Labour supporting wimp.

  5. To old to fight then how very convenient for you five years in the catering corp wasn't it

  6. Your service record is? if you check out my profile you'll find a clue there, you twonker!

  7. You can see Anonyprick has absolutely nothing to do with the armed forces, because clearly he is an ardent support of Labour. A Hun who wouldn't have even been worthy of being shot by our Tommies on the Somme.