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Friday, 17 July 2009

A Blogger Find!

New capability in Afghanistan will help save lives: Air Force commander.

Several blogs are picking up on the story of a civilian registered helicopter's mystery useage in Afghanistan, including a question in The House yesterday. Fitaloon, a Scottish blogger, has excellent information and links, together with Subrosa and Richard North.

My contribution is as follows.

It now appears that this aircraft was chartered by The UK Government and was used inappropriately for support of combat forward base supply when it was shot down and the civilians aboard killed. I leave any readers that may pop by to draw their own conclusions as to whether Jim and Bob have these Ukrainians' blood, an Afghan child on the ground and their families' grief on their hands.
Now, additionally, we have this Canadian Government public information release from which the above title is taken and again hat tip to Fitaloon.

Compare this;

Brown also rejected suggestions that British troops, who are fighting alongside other coalition and Afghan forces in Helmand province, are dying unnecessarily because they do not have enough helicopters -- leaving them vulnerable to ambush because they have to travel by road.
"It's a sad fact that helicopters would not have saved the lives of the individuals last week," he said.

Against this;

Canada’s new assets in Afghanistan will boost the Air Force presence in the skies over Kandahar Province, and make Canadian soldiers safer by reducing their reliance on ground transport, said Lieutenant General Angus Watt, Chief of the Air Staff.
“You can’t hit an IED when you’re flying,” he said, talking about the benefits of Canada’s new air wing.

“These new assets,” said Col Christopher Coates, the commander of the air wing, “will allow [us] to reduce ground based resupply convoys and more easily reach remote locations in challenging environments where [we] could be at risk of ambushes, land mines and improvised explosive devices.”

Who do you think has got this correct? Remember these oft repeated mantras like "Lessons will be learned"? I hope this mendacious stuff from Jim and Bob gets taken apart.



When Jim and Bob hire helicopters?


  1. Sadly, OR, this won't have legs unless The MSM pick it up and they are too demob happy, ready for the silly season.

  2. Brown couldn't run a piss-up at a brewery, never mind two wars - for a start, he never puts his hand in his pocket, he's always too busy picking other people's.

  3. Thank you for highlighting this; UK using
    Dodgy Moldovan/Uhranian gunrunners, whatever next ? Mind you, Ross Kemp would have approved.

  4. If you look at Rich North's site (EU Referendum) OR you will see that the taliban wanted an RAF helicopter and shot this one in error. They obviously now have the weapons to shoot down aircraft.

    Scarey stuff.

  5. Hi, all, thank you as ever. BS and Banned, (not here!) are correct to say this is a dodgy opreation. It suits Jim's parsomonious nature to sections of our Country that, in the main, don't agree with his Socialist vision of a Dictatorship.
    Subrosa, I stumbled on Richard's fantastic sites via Fitaloon and tipped accordingly. The nature of the weapon used by the Taliban is unclear and suggested to have been an RPG. I believe the real scandal is it was probably flying a support mission that we were not able to cover. Iain Dale has a devasting critique on the reality of Snotty's war!

  6. Thanks for highlighting this issue. It's just so typical of our approach to the whole defence issue, Instead of using decent operators we go with the dodgy operators. We will of course be using this type of company to transport troops somewhere in Afghanistan, it will only be a story when one of our Armed Forces is killed because of lack of armour or similar.

  7. Bet Jimmy doen't fly in these aircraft, Fitaloon.