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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Be Very Afraid!

It Could Be Right Near You!

As you put the cat out or water the dog be very careful. Whilst you linger out in the night your savings, pension and way of life could be drenched in boiling oil and destroyed for ever. Your defense forces consumed in far away places, your police turned into Gestapo clones by the searing, scalding control of Jim Bogie's freakery. Beware visiting your bank where the portals are straining under the massive cauldrons above their entrances. These utensils are brim full of the toxic , rancid bubbling fat of debt, dripping over your heads, because some twats voted Labour.

Do not question your Leader or his army of brilliance, skill, aptitude, charisma and absolute incompetence. Do not dare even dream of the nightmare around you. Wiggy Aintworthalot, Harpy Hateblokesifthey'rewhite, Fondlebrazilboybums and soon to be a mega star of this horror show, Mrs Jimbosbeard. If you dare dream of this pot of boiling excrement that is your Soviet Republic of EU chattel you may be selected for oilboarding from Labours'


  1. Gordon Brown is a bum bandit. No question.

  2. Ha,ha! You been chatting to Fondlebum, JB?

  3. OR. I know my place. Lord Rio of Renaldo wouuld not condescend to the notice the likes of me.

    I apologise though. I was in a bad mood. I usally am. I should not have said that about the Prime Minister. He is a shirt lifter and a turd burglar, that's what I should have said.

  4. Jim, both comments are laudable and always welcome!

  5. Seriously though, seriously, as if I weren't before - I was - only the serious can make people laugh. Gordon Brown is a poof. The poofery I can accept - not really my cup of tea but it is what it is - Iain Dale, for example, is a good person because he is honest - it's the hypocrisy, the pretence, that I loathe.

    OR and I are each other. Well that's good news for me and bad news for him.

  6. We really are as one, JB. That's very good news as far as I'm concerned. Just imagine the joy when they go. Check the countdown, soon less than 200 days.

  7. You've every right to be afraid OR. I've just read Gordon Brown is holidaying in the Lake District this year. Hope he doesn't pass too close to you. On second thoughts ...

  8. That's knackered the Lake District's income from tourism for at least a fortnight, then. He'll have the place to himself!

  9. OR. Quite so. There have beem great people who have been homosexuals or bisexuals. The Emperor Hadrian - Siegfried Sassoon - Wilfren Owen. Be honest and nobody should criticise your tendencies or your choices - unless you force them on the vulnerable.

    But pretend to be something that you are not, shake hands with your wife when you shoud kiss her...

    No. No.

  10. That's just the point though, Labour have encouraged conspicuous, overt and ostentatious homosexuality. They have attempted to force their private joys on the rest of society, especially on the vulnerable. Not on!

  11. Lord Prime Minister Mandelson has approved Hairyrat Harmans latest Equality Directive.
    Compulsory Homosexuality Practice Sessions for all 14-18 year olds learners to tackle the scourge of decades of suppression.
    This bold new policy is headlined with
    " Kids ! Come Out Of The Closet Now !! " and will aim to encourage " straight" kids to adopt a caring and sharing ( inclusive )attitude to their GLTG classmates.

  12. I have punched myself in the face. Time somebody did and it turns out I was the only one man enough to do it. Actually, I walked into a wall. I was trying out the quantum physics idea that matter is mostly space, that I am mostly (a waste of) space, and so I should be able to align my space in such a way that I would simply pass through it.

    Didn't work that time and I have the split lip to prove it. But I don't give up, not unless I'm defeated.

    OK I was drunk. Very drunk. There. Happy now?

  13. Banned, stranger things go on with this lot.
    JB, still happens when you try that sober!