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Saturday, 18 July 2009

As The Titatanic Slips Further Into The Sea

Lord Sainsbury turns back on Labour to help David Cameron win power

Reported in The Times. Now it appears that Rupe is also reading the ruins. If both these giants of The Bilderberger aristocracy are getting off Jim's sinking vessel, will anyone still bet on a Snot bounce? His only hope to carry on fighting will be to call an election sooner than later. I wager he will turn on The Party in his deluded paranoia that they are to blame for his incompetent stupidity. Autumn it is then?
As for Sainsbury, I abhor how this man sold his soul to pursue his GM crop dominance of world food production. Now he wants to leap aboard The Carpathia. I say leave him on the nearest atoll.
If that's a load of mixed metaphors, I'm tired and it's an early Communion in the morning!


  1. I agree about the atoll. How about the itsy witsy tenny weeny yellow polka dot Bikini atoll, oh about 60years ago...

  2. He was the last of the "GOATS", wasnt he, OR? Nothing left now but the original NuLieBore lost sheep - shame!

  3. OR,

    Thought you'd like that. Blow the bastards to smithereens. E=MC2



  4. Harpy has supposedly positioned herself to take over in the event of Gordon sinking beneath his own inadequacy; good luck to her, that would be a real laugh come the election.

  5. Banned, it would be very funny to see Harpy on the stomp in her flak jacket!

  6. You're right about Sainsbury OR, turncoat he is. Mind you aren't most of them.

  7. They're all on the hop, aren't they? Sainsbury, Bolloch-Brown, Digby Jones? All off to spend "more time with the family".
    GOATS? Scrotes, more like.

    They know the funds from the bog of eternal stench that is NewLiebour are soon to dry up, and they are preparing to milk the teat of the next administration.

    Fuck 'em all.

  8. ..... I hope you said a prayer for Jim The Snot-Gobbling Ruiner this morning at communion, OR?

  9. Oh good; in addition to having policies that would only be described as 'conservative' by a BBC hack with his nose just off the mirror, Mister Cameron's now getting help from a man who can't even stock his shelves properly, and who's presided over his company's fall from Number One to Number Three in a few years.

    We're beyond doomed.

  10. I hope you said a prayer for Jim The Snot-Gobbling Ruiner this morning at communion, OR?

    Oh, I say prayers involving Jimmy all the time, KEALGSEO

    NNWer, I like the idea he's left Jim Lad more than that he's helping Davy. Sadly, whatever it takes to finish Labour so be it.