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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Another Sad And Pointless Loss.

When, Oh When Will This Tragic Waste End?

The sun sets on yet another terrible loss.

How many more times will a voice of reason have to be searched for? We are trapped in a military stalemate with many, many parallels in history. I expect the usual gung ho lefties will slag me off as usual but I would remind them that Socialist Unity is a staunch supporter of my stand and we are not natural allies. This further loss is an indication of many more lives ruined through this conflict, created from the vanity of Blair and Brown. We are not kept reliably informed of the casualties, loss of limbs and heartbreak of shattered young lives but if these fatalities are an indication, it must be a large number.

Yet what do we get from this shameful regime? A Secretary of State cut from the shavings of a thick plank. A PM who minces around like a ballet dancer on cocaine, nodding and gurning with a face contorted with self loving and deluded belief in his own perceived greatness. All that whilst a veritable army of young boys are screaming "The Emperor has no clothes".

It is now the accepted meme that our troops went to Afghanistan poorly equipped and without a realistic air support strategy nor the money or common sense to create one.

A glaring example of this Government's sole priority, the retention of power at any price. Dead soldiers, bankruptcy and decline all are irrelevant to a cabal of inadequate, self obsessed shirt lifters and child molesters.

I am totally committed to a fierce pride in our armed services and still regard it to have been a great honour to have served. Yet I am disgusted at this unnecessary mess of Labour's fuckwittery. I have said it many times, a urination party in a brewery is quite beyond their powers, as they mourn the loss of Norwich North and plot to cling to their disgraced tenure by foul means.

Our terror is here in The UK and our job is to fight it here with massive control of our borders and immigration. Trouble is they need the imported votes.

At the bottom of the page is a clip from when Oldrightie and Mrs OR welcomed our troops home. I would like to see them all safely back but fervently wish them godspeed whilst they are being hung out to dry by Labour's accursed crew. May God bless their loved ones who, too, are the bravest of the brave.


  1. Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington

    "It has been a damned serious business - Bl├╝cher and I have lost 30,000 men. It has been a damned nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life...By God! I don't think it would have done if I had not been there."

    I have lost 30,000 men.

    I have lost 30,000 men.

    I have lost 30,000 men.

    I have lost 30,000 men.


  3. The proper place to show respect to the fallen unlike your Ghoulish political feeding on the British Troops.

    What will you say when soldiers die under a Cameron Government.

  4. I will say they were the victims of a useless war entered into by a Labour bunch of useless crap and urge The Prime Minister to get them out of it.
    You really don't get it do you, it is this inept, cretinous Government, not our brilliant troops, that is the target of my ire.

  5. My thoughts are with this man's family.

  6. Hear hear to all in this post, and to the two posts in the comments. I can see only two. They have names on them.

  7. Remember Karl Rove's quip about NeoCons writing history whilst those charged with reporting it were always one stage behind the NeoCons created reality?

    That's what's going on now. Brown's been shown a draft copy of what's on the way and been told to keep schtume. Whilst we scratch our heads wondering why this can be allowed to happen he knows what's the real agenda. Nothing will change if we are allowed to change our government.

    It's the only thing that can explain the whole mess. Everything that is going on in the UK currently does not make conventional sense!!!

  8. I think that may be a Canadian flag draped coffin on your post OR - the Canadians have lost 125 soldiers in Afghanistan.

    I have an awful feeling that Incomming!!!!!!!! may be right. The greater plan is at work across the neo-con/multi-national/arms trading/Bilderberg union while their political vassals grovel at their feet to do their bidding.

    I fear that a change of Westminster government may be a Pyrrhic relief, but not the 'New and Improved' action we want? DC may only put a better face on things (literally too!) but I await the excuses as to why things cannot be changed quickly. Here in Scotland, and I take no pleasure in expecting more of the same, it may only reinforce our move towards Independence.

  9. Incoming!!etc.

    Is surely right. Sorry. This is going to be a tedious one. Very sorry.Let’s suspend judgement on how criminally brainless our leaders might be.

    Let’s suppose that are troops are really, secretly, there for strategic, geopolitical reasons – something to do with some eventuality that we have reason to believe may occur in Pakistan, say, or Iran. Or to attempt to seek and destroy the transfer of rogue nuclear material or weapons.

    Let’s assume that we would actually approve their reasons, if we knew, and understand why they had to be kept secret and why are troops really do have to be there.

    In the meantime or forces have to fight to stay ‘in theatre’ have to fight to stay there for a much greater purpose, and for these possible intelligence reasons, and to maintain at least some domestic support, the public have to be told that our forces are mainly there to fight some unified force of fanatics known as the ‘Taleban’, and root out ‘terrorist training camps’.

    Just as we 'had to be' told about Saddam’s 45-minute WMDs even though they knew perfectly well he had no such thing becasue actually there was a great and good purpose why Iraq had to be invaded and the country allowed to descend into civil war at the cost of tens upon tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Still with me? Getting my drift yet?

    Let us assume that there is really no other way to do it. All peaceful options and covert operations have been considered and, reluctantly, this has been decided upon.
    How many people died for that aim? I’m not a citizen of Coventry so maybe it’s easy to suggest that they did not die in vain. But I’d say the same if it had been own city and my own family who had been bereaved.

    The recently late Robert Macnamara was known as a leading proponent of American involvement in the Vietnam war and we all know what that cost. That war was fought in part on the basis of the Domino theory and also, probably, to show that the Soviets that the Americans had the will to fight and were not decadent as the Soviet propaganda liked to paint them.

    Only late in life did he say it had all been a terrible mistake.

    Maybe this war is a terrible mistake too. Or maybe it is a very different kind of war.

    So, toc conclude (thank cuff). This war. Great statesmanship or criminal incompetence?

    One little look at the past.
    Let’s not forget The Great Game and who won that, i.e. nobody.

    And now, oh God, here it comes, the point at which according to accepted blog rules you lose the argument. OK, I won’t mention the name.

    Let’s recall that last century it was attempted to ‘placate’ a national leader and everybody said later – although some said before - what a disaster that was and how he should have been stopped earlier.

    Let’s not forget that he could indeed have been stopped earlier, very simply, probably when he reoccupied a little area of land that was supposed to be demilitarised, and certainly after that when he turned his forces east and we could have walked into his country from the west.

    But great counsels of state thought they could use him to keep in check, yet another bastard to the even further east. Well, what a great bit of strategic that turned out to be. Any lessons for today from that peice of strategic thinking?

    Just a thought.

  10. Very excellent posts bar the obvious not so reasonable. Thank you all, as always for taking the time and effort.
    A special thank you to JB. Quite a thought.

  11. OR, You're welcome OR and thank you.

    Thatwas originally an even loneger post which the sytem wouldn't accept, and no wonder. In editing it I see I left in the reference to Covenry without the explanation. I was referring, of course, to Churchill's knowledge that a truly massive raid was coming through Bletchley Park's breaking of enigma.

    In case anyone doesn't know, nothing was done to beef up the city's defence in any way, no extra fighter cover, no warning to the citizens because to have done so would have let the Germans know we had broken their unbreakable code. That was statesmanship at a terrible price to our people, but absolutely the right thing to do. The course of the whole war was at stake

  12. I know much of this situation, Jim. Here is a true story. Around 1976 I was an air traffic controller at Brum. As the first Lufthansa came left hand downwind the pilot asked "What is this large town below?", my collegue, on radar, replied "You of all people should know it's Coventry". A big hush!

  13. OR,


    Isn't there a story about a chap asked by a German if he'd ever visited Grmany to be told, 'Yes from about 12,000 feet in 1944'.

    I've been to the Kaiser Wilhelm Church in Berlin where they have a cross made out of a bit of Coverntry Cathedral presented as a token of reconciliation.

    I'll spare you my joke about the reason there are so many stone patches on the front of the Reichtsag is that its trying to stop smoking.

    Oop. I did it again.

  14. Not entirely the in same vein there's the story about Douglas Bader visiting the girl's school to describe his experiences a fighter pilot int war,

    'Anyway I had two of the fuckers on my tail'

    Headmistress hastily interrupts, 'Gilrs you will know that there is a German aircraft called a 'Fokker'

    That's true ma'am but these fuckers were flying Messerschmidts'