Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

300 posts

Martin Luther King, "I Had A Dream".

This is Oldrightie's dream, Labour want it taken away.


Of course not. I am such a tiny little, probably ineffectual blogger. Look at the theatre of this medium. Dale, Staines, OH, Obnoxio and Queen of them all, Subrosa. She who blesses my little shack with a gentle presence. There is a new and earnest friend, Jim Baxter. Behind his issues and problems, beats a true but sad heart. Then there is my Startled Leafletter. A youngster who holds the butterfly of old England in his hand. I must also mention the few but unpleasant visitors. They who call me traitor, they who mock my passion not to sacrifice lives to the vanity of fools and socialists. I think my need is to task our Labour Government with questions as to their vanity and ignorance, be understood. I hope my fervour to expose their selfish greed and hubris is required. I pray this Government and it's oh so blind sycophants will have a pin prick of Oldrighties blog momentarily felt. I don't hate them, though I should. I just despair of their inability to see. My prayer is that the Internet and all you bloggers out there will persevere, as long as we are allowed to do so, to strive for a ridicule, at our own expense, of all who seek power for their own importance and need to be seen as special or different.

To be catapaulted into fame and wealth is a minuscule capability. To be caring of your own nurture and that of the world you inhabit, is the real test of your worth. To not vote, care or just shrug, that is the failure. It is one this Government and Labour have so successfully exploited. My 300th post. It means so little but for me it means a lot. Thank you for being around.

Labour, just go away and leave the real world alone to get better.


  1. Thanks OR. For the post and te kind words. My privilege.

  2. I'm very touched OR and I thank you most kindly. To be mentioned along with such esteemed bloggers is indeed a great compliment.

    We're from differing sides of the political 'border' but I do agree with your frustration at the pure incompetence and arrogance of this present government.

    Think positive though OR. We're of the generation who were born into a world without television, telephone, car etc., unless you were extremely wealthy. We had a childhood. Many of today's children don't have that privilege. We had an education. The mess education is in today truly grieves me. We had family who took pride in looking after each other. Now so many children don't even know who their fathers are.

    We paid our superannuation all our lives only to have Gordon Brown decide to pocket far more than his fair share. I had mortgage endowment policies which left me so short of the amount I had expected that I still have a mortgage. That's labour for you and I too just want them to go away and leave us to recover.

    Happy 300th post!

  3. Well done, Old Rightie!!

    Interesting photo, beautiful thatched cottage.

    According to yesterday's press, NooLayber plan to introduce an additional tax on the owners of such fine dwellings, or any dwelling that has a "good" view, e.g., seaside dwellings, riverside dwellings, those that look onto woodland, hills, dales, streams - anything pleasant, in fact.

    Please keep annoying the bastards, on our behalf.

  4. Happy Blogday!
    I have an introductory speech cut from a old clinical text by the brother of the man, Dr C Walton Lillhei, who bravely, and against the mass opinion of the day, initiated one of the first open cardiac bypass surgeries...very successfully! The subtitles of the piece being "Genuflecting to Authority or "You'll never get to be Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Flying with the Flock",presented by it's author Richard Lillehei also a doctor. He had through long and bitter experience of being disbelieved and ridiculed - despite his meticulous research, rationale and clinical evidence into a new and better treatment mode of critical care for patients in septic multi-organ failure - come to the conclusion that it is not the logic, reason, credibility or facts that matter in trying to promote a better way and change old ineffective and dangerous thinking and practice - but it's the embedded tolerance to protect selfish human comfort and security and a natural fear of difference or change that the majority of our human pack use to repel different ideas however more benificial they may be! Those who propose new/better ideas are regarded with an anti-intellectual scorn that verges on similar outbursts to those you mention above. However, he concludes that what really matters is the determination, integrity and rational momentum of the innovators sense of pursuing satisfaction that wins in the end - as he did, and changed (eventually) the type of care given to patients who would have usually died!
    Like Subrosa, I have an alternate political pursuit and dream but we seem to share similar regard for those who seek just and decent governance and despair for those who refuse to enter reasoned debate? So, Old Rightie, keep right on going!

  5. 300 posts is a good milepost, though quality of posting is far more important than quantity of posts. You tend to score well on the former anyway…

    I recently passed the 1,000 post mark, after some 16 months on my present 'blog, yet I freely admit that the quality of my own offerings is distinctly variable, despite my best efforts.

    We all have value, and we all add something by our presence that would be lost by our absence. Thus we all serve a useful purpose, which I at least find comforting!

  6. What a marvellous response. Thank you all most warmly. Some excellent guidance and constuctive criticism, which I hope to follow as best I am able. JMW, I know those feelings only too well. I hope that from time to time I can either cheer, amuse or even stir to anger, where a political and media establishment make an ass of our Country and of themselves. KEALGSIO, it will be interesting if Labour seek to tax the benefits you mention. I imagine that might well spark real insurrection!
    Thank you all, once more.

  7. 300 posts and all crap oh do go away oldrightie.

    and take that old bat subrosa with you

  8. Ah, Anon made it to this one, too.

    Never mind. What is obvious from the comments above his/hers is that, for thinking people, there are matters of common experience that affect us in the same kinds of way. We aren't enemies simply because we have different ideas of what should constitute government policy. We aren't enemies at all: we may have different tastes, but that is all. Regrettably, there are many people, like Anonymous, who don't see the point of being alive.

  9. Looks like you have done alright for yourselves. If you get hard up you could rent out a few rooms to some of the poor people suffering under the Labour yoke.

  10. I like your attitude, Edgar. As for the Anon stuff, I get wry satisfaction for rattling their cages! The last one, what a moronic twat. Check out the profile, buddy, I made it despite labour and Socialism. A lot of dreams will have been wrecked over the last 12 years. None of them Labour hierarchy, though.