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Saturday, 13 June 2009

You Have Been Warned!

The King makes His Plans Clear?

This is the view of Lord Fondlebum wishes us all to bow down before. My feelings of nausea about Jimmy Brown pale into insignificance when faced with this utter and absolute excuse for a human being. The foulest creature ever known is nought but a fragrant beauty when compared to such an abomination of foulness and slime, that is the rear end of this animal. Let me repeat a warning given to me by my long gone dad. "Son, never trust a queer, they will always find a way to bugger you if you ever trust them".
Now before people kick off on the homophobia mantra, all I ask is you get on with your lives behind closed doors, like the rest of us. Gay pride is no different from the joy of sex with the more natural side of the equation, just as deserving of pride?
This man is dangerous and should not be approached by normal folk.


  1. I won't kick off on any homophobic mantra because I believe the same as you. Far too much political time is wasted on these people who wish to flaunt their sexuality and have difficulty not being seen to be different.

    The whole gay setup is another section of labour's social engineering. I have no axe to grind against anyone and their chosen sexuality but don't rub it in my face thank you.

  2. Agree, Labour created a society where it's encouraged to force your orientation on everybody else. Peaceful tolerance was enough, but "celebration" is taking it too far. Why do Labour have to start "celebrating" everything that used to be abhorrent or immoral to the British?

  3. Well, thank you both, I really was expecting a torrent of other opinion!

  4. I agree, as long as it's "... behind closed doors like the rest of us".

    Just wonder whether Cameron will accept the invitation to my heterosexual barbeque once he's minced along with the others at Gay Pride at the Paramount.

    White, employed, middle-class, hetro, 55, and well and truly in the minority.