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Friday, 26 June 2009

Will Anybody Notice?

Parliamentary Recess.
21 July 2009
12 October 2009

An urgent debate affecting The Nation's people.

Debating urgent improvements to MPs remuneration.

I suspect Jimmy Snot will be looking forward to scampering off round the world at our expense, basking in the adoration such a clown merits. Luxury hotels will sigh that wealth is once more headed their way. The Bilderbergers will set sail and that cornucopia of obscene holiday making of the rich and infamous will again be used to sell dead trees to us poor sods window licking.

The poverty of soul and deprivation can be put on hold for nearly three months, the expenses exposures can languish in some dusty place. The whole circus can gird it's loins for more subjugation to The EUSSR and Lord Fondlebum's machinations can be continued on some brand new yacht. The loss of one of the world's most well known pederasts will be a short lived blip, soon to be replaced by another of that ilk. Maybe the new "Thriller" will become that ermine clad snake himself as he enriches himself through titles and jobs all paying hundreds of thousands from the bottomless well of taxpayers' largess.

All summer long the Civil Service ghosts will beaver away at polishing this turd of a Government ready for the new launch of something horrible. Perhaps an Autumn election as the postal vote fraud reaches a winnable number, or some planted nastiness can be aired against ANY opposition. One thing is for certain, yours and my welfare will be the furthest from Jim's and his coterie's minds. Please let it all go wrong for Labour this Summer. It has done so far but with so little effect.


The jury in the trial of a Briton alleged to have encouraged fellow Muslims to murder Gordon Brown and Tony Blair has been discharged.
The case involving Ishaq Kanmi, 23, of Blackburn, Lancashire, was stopped for legal reasons on day 14 of the trial at Preston Crown Court.

Better Tighten Up The Old Security, Lads!


  1. Few if any will miss them, especially Labour!

  2. Who do they think they are, teachers?

    MPs should not have a third of the year off!

  3. "MPs should not have a third of the year off!"

    Will we miss them, though?

  4. Perfect opportunity for Westminster to be ivaded by 1000 pikey squatters, put the word around.

  5. Lorenzo said...

    What a cracking idea! Roumanian, perhaps?