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Thursday, 4 June 2009


A Morning's And An Evening's Inklings.

I voted first thing then went off round several polling stations, spoke to a handful of people and returning officers for turnout figures, I feel that;

Turnout may well be high and not good news for Labour.

The expenses row is very much on peoples' minds and they are voting against MPs in the news.

A real possibility exists of a UKIP second place and closer behind The Conservatives than expected.

Labour may well do as Prescott wanted. "Go4th"!

Not scientific but it might be interesting to a few of my loyal readers!

I've just returned from an evening tour similar to this morning. My feelings remain the same as above and a goodish turnout is possible. Maybe in the high 30%. That ought to translate into good numbers for Conservatives and UKIP figures. Labour may do even worse than predicted on a high turnout. The police were called to one station that had been plastered with Libertas posters. Well intentioned newbees! If my predictions are wrong it was not for want of a hard day's night!


  1. Your post on Luke Akehursts Blog is Stereotypical Conservative supporting attitude/behaviour..... Homophobic....

    As for your Caption above a photo of Ed Balls saying: "Another failed Bulimic".... is nothing more than risible discrimination against those who suffer from such illness and other Severe Mental Illnesses.....

    All I can say is that I feel sorry for you and take pity on such pathetic behaviour....

    I wish you do not have to suffer from a Severe Mental Illness as I have witnessed... it is an awful deseise.... oh on second thoughts maybe you should suffer from a psychotic Breakdown....

    For you to experience that would shut you up...

  2. Yea.... and the Conservative vote will be pitifully low as well....

    UKIP and the BNP will ciphon off many of the Tories votes....

    They will be doing disasterously if they can poll no more than 35-40% in a National Election.....

    I would caution against foolish arrogance.... something you seem to display on this thread.....


  3. So free speech is not alive and well? As for your comments regarding illness, you ought to try thinking first about claims of which you have no idea.


  5. Anonywonk.

    You got the homophobice bit in, but you forgot to include "racist" in your rant at Old (Ageist) Rightie.

    What time are your meds due?

  6. It's amazing how Conservatives have such nicer pals than Socialists!

  7. Anonymous - condescension is much more effective when the twat author is brave enough to leave his name.

    It's even more convincing when he/she/it can spell "disease".

  8. Further proof of my previous comment! Hi, Sue!

  9. Anonymous, shall I tell you something, I've heard worse and stronger criticisms of Labour and its politicians from, er, die-hard socialists and Labour supporters! Some of the things OR comes out with are often quite tame in comparison. It's quite probable that Gorgon does have severe mental health issues and who knows could be heading for a breakdown. The point is, someone in that situation should NOT be running the country and instead have time out for medicall help. By the way, I speak from a great deal of personal experience here.