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Monday, 8 June 2009

Surveying The Wreckage!

A Monday Morning Feeling.

After a disastrous week-end of endless bad news and defeat on all fronts, Gordon could still not find the courage to do the right thing. His once new pet, now master, of a snake, had hissed his serpent seductions into his ear for hour after hour. Not just Jimmy battling for survival but the garden of Eden's most loathed but cunning creature. The same reptile spotted slithering out of number 10, like a visitor rushing from the death bed of another snake.
Whilst the self-indulgent drama unfolds; the dole queues get longer as LDV looks doomed to the snake's Russian Pal's slide; MRSA makes a hospital comeback; soldiers are dying in a forgotten war; the stock market wobbles yet again; the printing presses burn out in a vain attempt to pay the public service wages and The Titanic that is The Labour shipwreck begins it's slow momentous slide beneath the waves and into oblivion.
Above we have a picture, as a metaphor, of Lord Fondlebum's efforts to persuade his now completely deluded cowardly friend that it really isn't as bad as it looks!
Meanwhile a triumphant Dave "Suchov" Cameron is in another part of the ruined Reich. Virtually at "The Brandenburg Gate" that is the Welsh birthplace of this failed party and it's socialist dream of a nightmare. He urges the decent citizens to respect the fallen people led into this terrible defeat by the grasping, hypocritical and arrogant SS Greedy Core. Bliar, Straw, Faulkner et al.
"Suchov" advises that the time for partying and the taking of the spoils of victory is yet to come and the scorched earth spite of the fallen still to be fought. Already the army of film historians is gathering to record every second of this DOWNFALL.


  1. There are many parallels with the fall of Berlin. Die Reichstag ist burnung!

    He can join Susan Boyle in the Priory after the next general election, she can sing him to sleep with Auld Lang Syne, while the SNP take Kircaldy! Ha ha ha

  2. A delightful read as always.

    SL, Susan Boyle enjoys singing in front of a live audience not a corpse.

  3. Subrosa, your good Knight may rest in peace that OR is spoken for!

  4. I don't know how much you're aware of Welsh politics and the Welsh Assembly but Nick Bourne has worked his socks off since he became leader. He most probably had the most unenviable job of leading the Tories in Wales, but his perseverance has produced these results. I also have much time for Kirsty Williams, the LD's new leader in the Welsh Assembly. Getting off topic here!

    I do wonder if someone's written a new translation of the map scene from Downfall. "Herr Brown, we.... we have lost Wales. We also came behind the Cornish Nationalists."

    But, we've got to be careful not to allow the BNP to make any more gains. I'm particularly worried now that they've got their foot in the door and have access to EU party funding.

  5. @Richard Jones.
    "But, we've got to be careful not to allow the BNP to make any more gains. I'm particularly worried now that they've got their foot in the door and have access to EU party funding."


    People VOTED for the BNP. I didn't, but plenty of people did. Who the hell are you to say that we've got to be careful not to ALLOW the BNP to make any more gains? The voting people will decide who makes gains and who doesn't.

    Righteous Richard?

    Be worried, Righteous Richard, for it is 12 years of Labour governance that ALLOWED people to vote for the vile BNP. Twelve years of uncontrolled borders, sleaze, spin, dodgy dossiers, theft, larceny, the killing of thousands of Iraqis, the "suicide" of Dr. Kelly, the money-grubbing antics of Mr & Mrs Gorbals Mick - you get my drift.

    Blame nobody but Labour voters, Righteous Richard, for before the Project that is New Labour, the BNP was but a crackpot, joke party.

    I haven't told you to fuck right off, Righteous Richard - I'm far too polite for that, but if I were on a different blog, hosted by someone who wasn't the gentleman that is Old Rightie, I would.

    You Righteous Cunt.

  6. Since I care for you both, I will let you both stay. Good stuff from both of you and I thank you.

  7. OR, I hope you appreciate that I need to reply to this.

    I should've phrased what I wrote better, so apologies for that. I DON'T advocate that the state should ban any political party, but when I wrote that we have to be careful not to allow the BNP to make any more gains, it was a point directed at the parties. (You can bet that this will have been said of UKIP in CCHQ.) I'm fully aware that the electorate voted their two MEPs in, and as you say Labour created the conditions to allow the BNP's support to flourish, BUT, it's the collective failure of *all* parties not to get their messages across. The majority of BNP voters are probably former Labour ones, so it's up to the other parties to mop up these votes and not the BNP. I'd much rather people have voted Lib Dem, Tory, Green, Mebyon Kernow, hell, even Labour, than cast a single vote for BNP, so any single vote that the BNP gain is a failure by ALL parties not to attract it.

    Just because the electorate vote for a party doesn't mean it's right -- yes really -- and it's up to ALL parties to deal with it by listening to voters' concerns and give them an alternative to the BNP. If voters don't feel there is an alternative, they'll vote BNP, which is what they did. And if that still makes me righteous, so be it. One thing I don't do though is call people a c**t.

  8. What is fascinating is how many of us are suffering from collective stress, never knowing what awfulness is round the corner, whilst we have no faith whatsoever in Jimmy or his band of cretins to do anything about it. I'm afraid expletives are just a sign of this stress and really our supressed anger and frustration is about that hoon of a party known as Labour.

  9. I really don't see the Gordinator staying in power for much longer. I'm pretty certain that he'll be doing a "Susan Boyle" or have it done to him. But Frank Field is now on record saying that installing a new Labour PM shouldn't mean that a GE needs to be called. And I can see them trying to get away with it.

    The best tactic to employ is that used by the veterans in Normandy this weekend, and how they "greeted" McDoom. Just continuous jeers and boos against any member of the Government when they're in public will soon give them the message that they're not wanted. Soon enough they'll be confined indoors and get whisked through the outside world in their armour-plated cars to avoid meeting the "little people". Oh, I forgot, they do that already!


  10. Have a look at this article. It's on the BBC, so it's been through the Righteous filter, which will suit Richard Jones very well.

    It tells us why people voted BNP, and makes good reading.

  11. Good points of view. As much as I abhor extreme politics, which Labour are part of, I have much sympathy with lots of those comments on that BBC "filter".