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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sugar to Sweeten Labour?

The Truth Is Out There!

Mr Hunt called on Sir Alan Sugar to choose between his work on The Apprentice and his new government role, saying the idea he was a politically neutral government advisor was "a bit of joke".
The trouble is the joke's on all of us. I understand the inquiry into Malik's scams is not to be made public, Jimmy's new mates are out and out crooks and the comedy show that is The UK carries on.


  1. Too true, he's accepted a job as a LABOUR Peer, not a neutral Peer. He loves his grandiose titles, so it's a tough call for him between Lord and The Apprentice Firer. Suralan Sugar has a dilemma on his hands. Gordon's attire in this photo is rather fitting of his political stature!

  2. "Gordon's attire in this photo is rather fitting of his political stature!"

    Amongst other things!

  3. The jokes on us right enough and Sugar will be able for make more taxpayers money from his new title.

  4. Did anyone notice that Viglen has just got a government contract worth £30M to provide computer equipment. Viglen's chairman is none other than Alan Sugar. Of course he is neutral!

  5. That's what this is really about, Sugar's business interests...always is...always was.

    Plus, seeing as it's Viglen, none of it will bloody work, just like Shamstrad. Typical government IT systems, no wonder they're a joke.

  6. I cannot understand the outcry over MPs expenses when things like this are just nodded through.