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Friday, 19 June 2009

Monkey Goes To Brussels!

Monkey Dances To The Required Tune?

Regulation of City may be handed to Brussels
Hopes that Gordon Brown would make a stand against the European Commission's financial regulatory proposals, which could see control over the City transfer from London to Brussels, appear to be fading.

Arriving in the Belgian capital for an EU summit, the Prime Minister insisted that European demands for regulation following the financial crisis could not be used to chip away at national sovereignty over fiscal budgets.
"It is in Britain's interest that we have improved cross-border supervision of financial institutions across Europe," he said.

There's a rush on before the Autumn election to hand as much as possible to Brussels. God help us!


  1. It could be worse, after all they nearly handed over London to the Icelanders.

  2. I'd like to see Brown and Blair fight it out over the Presidency of Europe. Can you imagine how pathetic the punches would be? They would both resort to dirty tricks and poke each other's eyes out.