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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Labours Plans For More Of The Same?

The Financial Times reports Lord Mandelson is to set out Labour's battle lines for the next election, promising Labour will OUTSPEND and out-reform the Tories.

Where do these people come from? Outspend? With what? It is reported today that benefit payments are £165 Billion quid and income tax receipts £145 Billion smackers. Now those of you who avoided the worst of Labours school experiments will be able to work out that is £20billion short before we start spending VAT receipts, NI taxation, and so forth. So state pensions, hospitals, schools, civil service wage bill, The Armed Forces, roads, railways, MPs expenses are all to be paid from where? Borrowing £175 billion a year will not be enough. The answer? OUTSPEND The Tories. When will the madness end. Just imagine the reckoning to come. Heaven preserve us, Labour won't.

So look long and hard at these two bastards as they smirk and laugh at The British people, so far up each others' backsides you can feel the very soup of their vile and bile filled intestines. As they destroy our lives their own goes from strength to strength. Barely a moment passes but some sickly new stench emanates from their power crazed minds. It really is beyond parody.

Captions are most welcome for this image of two men so disgusting and so powerful, for now


  1. "Is that nice, Gordon?"

  2. I'm right behind you as always Gordon.

  3. They "say" that they intend to spend, and they may well issue press releases on plans. But with only months before an election, there is little time to actually put in hand any major efforts, especially involving long term capital investments, e.g. in energy. What any government will actually be able to do come the autumn of 2010 is another matter, and they do not care. They are like gamblers who go on doubling the bets. The trouble is that we are paying for the losses.

  4. "The trouble is that we are paying for the losses."

    Many of us have paid, our grandchildren are already mortgaged to the hilt. We must ensure that they realise the mess of a country they inherit will have been created 1997-2010.