Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Joke's On Us.

A Review.

It began, as a witnessed burst of passion and lust at the riches that lay before them. Britain, Europe , the world, were at their feet. Such joy could not wait. The desk was swept of it’s papers and secrets, inkwells crashed to the floor. “Oh, James,” sighed the snake as it thrust into the orifice of corrupted and obscene power. “Aghh”, roared that Scottish brogue as it took the consummation of fidelity and power into the deepest recesses of it’s bowels of deceit.Yet, was this passion to last? See the film, marvel at the infidelity and wonder at the passive acquiescence of a whole nation of “So what’s”.

Be breathless at the ease the powerful take all before them. Be glad to man the camps so beloved of Hitler. Go to your shower with your children and quietly slip down the walls, as you are finally cleansed of your humanity, suckers.

I Despair Of Your Abject Acceptance.


  1. Bloody hell. 1936 all over again!

  2. I think I will stick to my Shaun the Sheep DVD.

  3. These two rotten scabs will not rest until they control every aspect of our lives. Thanks to Labour, you can't even fit your own domestic loo now, in case it's wasting water.

    We have a government who meddles in our plumbing and cannot trust people to run their own affairs! What next for goodness sake! Power of attorney over every living thing for Fondlebum & co?

  4. Thank you all, as ever.
    I started but just could not continue watching the Mr and Mrs Bollocks shows this morning. The lies get ever more strident. What a pair.

  5. As we sat in Church this morning, saddened by the empty pews, we realised that Grand Ayatollahs Blair, Brown and Fondlebum have dedicated their lives to criminalising the faith that our Queen defends.

    Never in our land have so many heathen wasters committed their lives's work to erasing the presence and history of our national faith from our hospitals, schools and workplaces.

  6. Hi, Steve. We were a small but merry band and sang our hearts out in defiance of the rubbish society socialists so adore! Multiply the tiny congregations round the country and you will have more people, in total, than will vote Labour at the next election. "Onward Christian Soldiers"!