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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Jimmy's New Pal?

I Look Up To Him Because ..........................

He gave me my job in a devious and cunning manner!
I really don't give a toss how I got the job. It pays more than I ever dreamt of. I trousered the "flipping" money but now that seems small change. The wife always was jealous of Phony and his Missus.
I would love to see the exchange of conversations and secret meetings back in 2007. As that pig, Quisling Quentin Davies, crossed the floor he offered Bercow as another possible scalp for Jimmy. When asked what he wanted most, Bercow said the Speaker's job. So Jimmy said
"Ye canna expect tha as a Tory defector. Ye stay where ye are, gee us any moot on Cameron and Ossie then we'll shoo ye in ta that wee chair."
So it came to pass. The turncoat won't even wear the gown, such arrogance and insult to our history and traditions. Still little men are so passe.


  1. Aye, tis true Oldrightie! Bercow knows hardship no more, thanks to Labour.

    This is the most monumental fraud to ensure that they never really leave power.

  2. Oh OR, I could have written yer Scots fur ye :) Scarily accurate though.

  3. Bercow. Mooooo ve over Martin