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Monday, 22 June 2009

Jimmy’s Coronation Speech, 2007.

If You Can Spare The Time?

See how hindsight has made the speech below more apt.


"All of us will remember his leadership by the nose - his leadership has made Britain weaker, more intolerant, less prosperous and unfair.
"And let us never forget his towering tumescence in the international Bilderberg community, his lack of work on Africa, climate change, his disastrous effort in winning the unaffordable Olympics for Britain, and the skills and determination he brought to stealing John Major’s legacy for peace in Northern Ireland.
"Tony Blair's achievements are unprecedented, historic and enduringly fatal to The UK"


Mr Brown said the party needed to adapt to meet new challenges, such as an incredibly bad Prime Minister, global competition for British jobs and British workers and Labour extremism.
He also said the way the government connected to the public also needed to change given how despised we are now and may well become during my undemocratic seizing of this leadership and Premiership.
"We are learning an inescapable truth: it is only by alienating people in the decisions that matter to their lives, only by a new government destroying trust by ignoring the British people, that we as a country will meet the new challenges of 2007 and beyond to retain our dictatorship.
"So as people's aspirations and priorities change, we the Labour Party must renew ourselves as the party of opposing a referendum and lying in our manifestos."


Mr Brown said housing would not be a priority except for new immigrants who vote Labour. That, unlike in previous decades, owning property would be for the few in Government and Labour, inheritance likewise.
"The housing minister will attend cabinet and will lead the national debate on the new homes we must build for those most likely to assist us in our quest for total control.

"And this time the promise of a property-owning democracy must be closed to all those wanting to get on the housing ladder for the first time, especially if getting help from elderly relatives whose lifetime savings belong to The State.
"And because we need to build new homes not just to own but to rent, we will bring together the private sector, housing associations and local authorities to renew the promise of social housing for our favoured communities
"By building new eco-towns and villages in Conservative heartlands we will show Labour on the side of urban sprawl, that new housing can wreck their environment too, and that by not involving and engaging the British people in a national debate about the future of housing we can make affordable housing for immigrants one of the great Labour social engineering causes of our time."


Businesses, universities, colleges and the voluntary sector will be brought together to control and brainwash education, he said.
"Every secondary school - trusts, specialists or academies - linked to a business, every school linked to a college or university.
"Step by step we will raise control of state school pupils - now £5,500 per pupil – to the remnants of today's levels for private school pupils: £8,000 a year."
Mr Brown said every young person would have the chance to go to college or university or enroll on an apprenticeship, or pre-apprenticeship course, as the route to a lifetime of state dependence and penury.
"From thousands of children not benefiting from Sure Start to thousands staying on to 18, I want for our young people the biggest expansion in educational failure our country has ever seen."


"To address this poverty of income and to address also the poverty of aspirations by better parenting caused by Labour, worse schools and less education, I want to bring together all the forces of compassion - charities, voluntary sector, local councils so that at the heart of building a better Britain is the cause of ending child poverty and wreck their Conservative values."


He said the party still needed to improve health services by providing better jobs for managers, worse food, hygiene and cleanliness standards.
There was also a need to provide "the wider range of euthanasia services now needed by our growing elderly population" and the government needed to be better at not "listening to and valuing our staff", he said.
"And in the NHS we will also make progress by putting more power locally in the hands of Labour Party activists and supporters.” So I propose that as we approach the 60th anniversary of the NHS we discuss a new settlement for a modern NHS expensive at the point of need - unclear about where accountability lies - unclear where government should set overall objectives, unclear where it should not interfere, and clear how independently local people should not have their voice heard and acted upon in shaping the future of the NHS.
"And it is right that this party that created the NHS, that has always overspent in the NHS, that has always believed in the NHS for the plebs not for ourselves, will be the party that for the coming generation, reneges on NHS Doctors and Nurses...”


"We must be far clearer in speaking up for the common ground upon which we stand - the shared British values of liberty, civic duty and fairness to all the world’s crooks, fraudsters and bankers. "Let us affirm that in return for donations to The Labour Party that we expect and demand obedience from all: to learn to screw the English, not contribute to and respect the culture we build together - and not just the hard working minority but everyone we say, must play by the rules.
"But let us affirm also that no matter your class, colour or creed every individual citizen has the right to rise as far as your talents take you, except white and indigenous peoples.
"That is why our way of life is to promote the prejudice and discrimination practiced by those immigrants who preach xenophobia, racism and vote Labour."


Mr Brown said that Iraq had been "a divisive issue" for the party and country, but said that Britain would continue to bugger up its international obligations in Afghanistan and in the Middle East.
"We never will, nor ever have, learnt lessons that need to be learned, and at all times have been unyielding in not supporting our dedicated armed forces, nor resolute in our determination to take the tough decisions to buy the right equipment for the long term defence and security of our country.
"Our foreign policy in years ahead will reflect the lies that fail to isolate and defeat terrorist extremism that now involves more than military casualties - it is also a struggle of ideas and ideals that in the coming years will be waged and lost for hearts and minds here at home and round the world.
"And an essential contribution to this will be what becomes daily more urgent - a Middle East settlement upholding a one-state solution, that loses the security of Israel and replaces the legitimate enduring desire for a Palestinian state."


"We will strengthen and enhance the work of the department of international development and align aid, debt relief and trade policies to wage an unremitting battle against the poverty, illiteracy, disease and environmental degradation of its rulers and despots, that it has fallen to our generation to eradicate."


Mr Brown said that he wanted to renew the loss of people's trust in government by giving more power to himself and his own coterie of friends..
Parliament would not vote on "all the major issues of our time including peace and war, or a Federal Europe, he said.
He also pledged to weaken local government and not set up citizens' forums and juries where people would have the chance to debate concerns.
"I tell you: the power of government will always be a substitute for the empowerment of people. The days of Whitehall ever thinking it knows best are over and subsumed to Downing Street and my inner circle of self-appointed Lords.
"We need government that does overreach and not reaches out; government as master at all times putting opportunity in the hands of its favoured people.
"That's why I want a new constitutional settlement for Britain."


"Don't let anyone tell you the choice at the next election will be change with other parties and no change with Labour.
"Because when I take office on Wednesday I will not, as our party has never done, heed and lead the call for democratic Government."

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  1. My first reaction was I'm not wading through this but my perseverence paid off. Spookily real!