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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Jimmy Presents The Independent MPs Expenses Quango members.

How Brown's Plans Always Turn Out?

Jimmy's latest Quango team.

"Gordon Brown has promised "root and branch" reform of Parliament.
The government is preparing to outline new laws to regulate MPs' conduct and expenses.
An external body is expected to authorise future expenses claims and discipline MPs."

Yet another bloody quango because they can't be trusted to do the honourable thing themselves. It's going to be a very long eleven months. The only consolation is the destruction of Labour under Brown. Note the disappearance of Fondlebum recently. What's he up to whilst Jim is let loose again.


  1. Is that a picture of the new quango or Labour MPs?

  2. The joke is that this quango will cost more than the MPs entire expenses totalled together.

    As for Brown's obsession with the phrase, "root and branch", what's on his mind? Is it the Conservative Party logo?

  3. I heard Mandy is over in Brussels ensuring his pals he's in charge of the UK. Only a rumour though I think ...