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Friday, 5 June 2009

It Is Looking An Historic Moment!

Early Morning.
I've just returned from our verification for Herefordshire. My predictions of the day, yesterday look more and more credible. It looks like the largest EU turnout ever and not comfortable for Jimmy of The Eurocrats. If the grains of evidence gleaned come true then it is a resounding vote for UKIP and they will, as I suggested, be very much closer to we Tories. Even bigger news is a probable utter collapse of The Labour vote in both EU and local elections.Possibly the biggest ever defeat of a Government in living memory. The fat lady still has to sing on Sunday but there is little doubt that it will be a lament for Labour! For what it's worth we should see a 30-38% turnout and in my direct areas, it is 42-46%. Life in the old dog yet! Mind you I am knackered.


  1. Morning OR,I expect you're feeling between elated and exhausted this morning.

    It was a very low turnout here I believe but of course we didn't have council elections. Around 7% was one quoted for an area of Edinburgh.

  2. Hi, Subrosa. Yes indeed elated. Looks bordering on wipe out for Labour, Jim's had his early morning heavy dose of delusion and the Nation's turning blue. Inner city areas mirror Hereford for turnout. Outside of those maily Labour strongholds, everyone wanted to kick Labour, not just James Brown!

  3. I think that you were right to be positive about the elections. Looks as if by and large people have not moved to the minor parties in the numbers that some in the media were predicting.

    Last night's news about Purnell is already looking old hat. From the country's point of view we desperately need an election and some fresh initiative.
    The Kingsland Grouch

  4. Slaughtered!!! Couldn´t have happened to a nicer political party. Labour are dead for many years methinks...