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Monday, 1 June 2009

Is This The Cause Of All Evil?

Not This Evil Sod, Just Using Him To Make A point!

My subject is arrogance. It is said power corrupts but my belief is it is the arrogance of power and or wealth that is the culprit. The youth lolling on the corner, disdainful of all but his own lazy and sometimes baseless cronies. The chip on the shoulder socialist who morphs from envy and jealousy to trade union officialdom. The bouncer that sees himself boss of all would be entrants to some seedy night club. The bullying traffic cop or warden. All part of the least pleasant aspects of our society.
Do I need to speak of The Bankers, Politicians, Multi-National Corporations and so on. Just consider the arrogance they display. It exists as a fundamental building block of snobbery, inverse or otherwise. The list is endless. My contention is that this aspect of human personality and character is at the root of all other negative elements within the human physche.
These last weeks of the expenses scandal. Which ones have ignited the most approbation? Why, those whose excuses have been steeped in, you've got it, arrogance.
So, whenever you consider a judgement or a criticism, please make sure you are not being guilty of that heinous crime. Particularly in Government!


  1. I'm fortunate insofar as I've never been called arrogant. I do know some people who I consider deserve that label though and a few are... wait for it ... politicians.

    Beautiful day again here today and too hot for weeding - my own judgement not the undergardener's by the way. He doesn't weed because he insists he doesn't know the weeds from the seedlings. Yes I know OR, pathetic excuse, but I tolerate his failings as he can be handy at times.

  2. There could be a hint of too much information there, Subrosa! I am so missing gardening/watering with this wreckage of an EU election to work for. Still we must keep trying or accept an even greater totalitarian existence.

  3. An interesting post. One can see arrogance in so many places. The attitude of airport "security" arseholes deserves a post of its own, but you can see it almost everywhere these days - doctor's surgeries, hospital A & E departments, most local authority offices. I could go on, but I need to get some sun!!

  4. Oooh! Isn't he like his grandad?

  5. Was he bent as well, Demetrius?