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Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm Too Old For All This excitement!

Oh Dear!

In oldrightie's back yard in Herefordshire, Labour came 5th behind the Greens.
Cons. 16336
UKIP 11710
Libdems 7165
Greens 6447
Labour 2822
Time for bed!

Staggered into the "new dawn" after an endless nightmare of 12 years of Labour to find my predictions not too bad for an "oldie". The big surprise is the woeful LibDem figure and if you take "others" to include those outside four places, 24.7%. My labour prediction was a bit of intuition, some tongue in cheek and a touch of wishful thinking! At the count last night I chatted to a pleasant labour guy remarking that I remember how we felt back in 97 and 01 and wished him luck. A nice cove with a dreadful "Leader?".


  1. And they came behind the Tories in Wales. Unthinkable. And behind the Pasty-Munchers' Party in the South West. Ye Gods!

  2. I've yet to check but I got The Tory share correct and close to Labour's, which was meant to be tongue in cheek!