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Monday, 22 June 2009

I want Beckett or Bercow, Says Jimmy!

The Fixer Waits In The Background?

Jimmy and his newly kindled flame take a breather outside the bunker whilst waiting for the results. Oberführer Fondlebum has assured Der Führer Joachin, it's in the bag. Clapham Nick has threatened fellow travellers if it doesn't happen.


Bercow married his Labour-supporting wife, Sally Illman, in December 2002. Almost followed Quisling Quentin and is Fondlebum's favourite Tory. Perfect result and he's not a woman?

Yet another sad day in the life of the defunct UK Parliament.
Gordon Brown is the first to congratulate the new Speaker.


  1. Thank goodness your horror scenario will not happen!

    She's positively gross!

  2. No to Bercrow, he sounds, looks and acts like a LABOURITE! Sir George Young is the only true Conservative!

  3. No to Bercrow, he sounds, looks and acts like a LABOURITE!

    Lo and behold!

  4. Shite, another Blairite imposter. Married to a friend of Phoney Tony's. They've got what they want, a Conservative by name, Fondlebum by game. Just Labour guaranteeing their hold on parliament for the next decade.

  5. Sorry, Brecow? Beckett?


  6. What a circus the whole day was and when we have soldiers being killed in Afghanistan too. Time the lot were dumped and a democratic parliament set up down there.

  7. Yes, while the UK remains in the EU its parliament is defunct, as is the EU Parliament.

    The EU’s legislation emanates from the European Commission, which is an institution of technocrats. The Commission, also based in Brussels, draws up the “directives,” as the EU laws are called, which the national parliaments are obliged to vote into binding national legislation. The latter is, indeed, an obligation because, under the EU treaties, member states which fail to incorporate EU “directives” into their national legislation are penalized by the European Court. The European Parliament plays no role in this entire legislative process.

  8. PPiB, spot on. Such power these faceless dictators have. Mandleson remains as wedded to this Mafia as ever, if not in one of his myriad titles.