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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gordon' Cuts?

The Empreror's Skin Rather Than His Clothes!

It seems that a regurgitation of Labour Lies and spin are set to dominate their campaign. Of course we shall also have the dirty stuff from McBride and his handler, Fondlebum. My guess is that "expenses" stuff will reappear three weeks before polling day. True or false, that will not be an issue. Just you wait and see!
Meanwhile the shit that passes for an economy remains buried. Alistair is muted and muffled whilst the clatter of the printing presses gets ever louder, barely drowning out the shouted demands of the banks for ever more wallpaper. Do these deluded idiots really believe they have a snowball in hell's chance?

"Addressing a GMB Union conference, an animated Gordon Brown said it was time to "wake up to the problems" the country would face as a result of the 10% cuts in spending planned by the Conservatives.
"Don't stop ever believing that together we can make a difference. Don't stop believing that working as one we can change our society. Don't stop ever believing that we can create a good society in this country in the years to come."

So what happened for the last twelve years, pillock? Whilst he was doing a YouTube jig performance, UNISON were withdrawing funding to Labour. With luck it will be bankruptcy that ends this 12 years of Labour hell!
Roll on election night. Late September early October? You bet, before they run out of pennies!


  1. Excellent! Labour are dead without the unions. Watch them slowly drown!

  2. Well done OR and now he may well quietly slop ooops slip away because he's in the running for the president of the EU. Yes believe it if you dare!

  3. I suggested just yesterday that The EU Presidency is coveted by Fondlebum, Bliar and Jimmy Snot!

  4. Brown in charge of EU, bit like giving a newly qualified teenage driver a Formula 1 car just after he's smashed up his first ever car the same week he passes his test.