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Monday, 15 June 2009

Education, Education, Education!

Hateful Labour Mug Of The Day?

Apart from presiding over the ashes of Jimmy's Chancellorship debacle and disaster, the SATS incredible cock up and a social services department devoid of any knowledge of child welfare, this excuse for humanity has switched allegiance to Fondlebum. The latter adores the kingmaker roll so Balls is his teacher's pet right now.
However, I digress. This tub of lard, taking over from saliva challenged Hattersley, (another Labour Lord, for f...sake), has now to face yet another dose of reality.

"In a startling indictment of Government policy, Ralph Tabberer, the former director-general of schools, said not enough emphasis had been put on "scholarship, genuinely high quality study and its importance".
Even teaching children "character" and the difference between right and wrong had been neglected, he said.

He gave warning that the comprehensive system was "not working" and said Britain risked being overtaken by developing nations.
Mr Tabberer said the future of education could only be assured by increased involvement of the private sector.
But he said "inverted snobbery" in Britain had led to 30 years of near-apartheid between state and independent schools.
Mr Tabberer's comments, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, will come as a serious blow to Gordon Brown."



  1. Labour have no interest in an educated core voter. Too dangerous for their lies to be found out.

  2. Labour are determined that everybody be as poor and uneducated as everyone else. Achievement and excellence are by-words for holding back intelligent people so that everybody else can catch up. Scummy socialists

  3. How can I express my passionate agreement of these two comments. Spot on.

  4. oldrightie

    why don't you do us all a favor and go away and die.

  5. 3rd Anonymous is a scumbag friend of Mandy's. A rare happy customer of Labour Supermarkets LTD. Been savaged into obedience no doubt.

  6. In the mid 1960's there was a window of opportunity to have a coherent resolution to the demographic pressures, and changing needs of society. Labour fudged it with a mess of options, preferring to throw money at prestige projects. Heath wasn't interested. During the 1970's the shambles of local government reorganisation made things worse as Shrilly Williams failed to read her papers. Later Joseph was a sort of Agony Aunt. The rest was low farce becoming tragedy after 1997.

  7. The joke is that Labour are not really Labour at all; all of them with their fingers in the till. New Labour meant Conservative wannabe from the outset. Blears, Smith and Mandelson want moats, helipads and Mercedes cars.

    They've totally betrayed the honest, working class families that vote them in every 5 years and have sold everybody up the river. Too busy greedily filling their pockets with gold, whilst using the nation's gold to buy the electorate with fake and phoney public sector jobs. It's like watching the end of a communist state, everything is in tatters and needing to be rebuilt because a handful of people leading a corrupt regime took everything away from the people. Hades is waiting for you in the underworld you Labourites heartily lust for.

  8. Ed Balls is scum

  9. oldrightie

    "why don't you do us all a favor and go away and die"

    Not whilst I can get under your skin, friend of Mcbride, no doubt. Boy can you lot dish it out but you sure as hell can't take it.