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Monday, 15 June 2009

Do We Care About Democracy?

I assume we only ever get to talk to the monkey?

I understand that seven Peers are now running Jimmy's cabinet of apparatchiks. He is felching and tea making. Fondlebum has decided his passion for male sexual appendages makes Blinky his preferred pet. Our disgraced joke of a Lord really believes he is impregnable. Euro asap, secret Iraq enquiry, his choice of speaker. On and on in a grotesque organ grinding cacophony as the monkey becomes ever more excited but panic struck. You can see above the tolerant expression of Lord Mincy as his exhausted monkey waits for the grinder to start the music again, fearful that the next tune may be for a dance of death!
So, election any time now, as soon as Jimmy's vote rigging squad satisfy Mandy they can't lose. Mcbride is back with his tomes of nastiness primed to pass on to The Barclay brothers, pollsters set to make a joke of the real ballot just a week or so ago. Yup, screw democracy, wind up the organ and give the monkey a sharp prod. All together now, let us bugger democracy, I'm Lord Mandy, me!


  1. OMIGAWD! Brilliant pic again.

    A previous comment earlier said "oldrightie, do us all a favour.......etc"

    This sort of favour I like. Do stay!

  2. Gordon's like one of those soft toys that has to be recalled because it's toxic to humans!

  3. Where's Mandy's left arm?

  4. Steve said...
    Where's Mandy's left arm?

    Usual place?

  5. Where's the usual place?

    They haven't only buggered democracy they've destroyed it.

  6. Brilliant Old Rightie. However, while we laugh, Mandelsnake needs to be stopped, permanently. A la Gordy & McBride's methods, anyone got any real scandalous dirt/photos on Mandy ready for circulation?

  7. It's really helpful to realise so many people are aware of what goes on. Yet jealousy and envy as well as justifiable outrage at MPs expenses gets more credibility than the loss of our Sovreignty and democracy.
    What will it take?

    "anyone got any real scandalous dirt/photos on Mandy ready for circulation?"

    Every security service in the world
    but Mandy is able to barter us all to keep it quiet.

  8. We often tend to forget that "politician" is an old English word for whore.

  9. Thank you for demonstrating the predilection with which the Prince Regent of Darkness hankers to grind organs.
    What sort of docile and mediocre mass are we? In the face of such eye-watering incompetence and corruption at Westminster we rely on the chance of our largely tame press to print a dodgy accusation or two? It's the old game - if we become so used to the status quo (no matter how ghastly) we ourselves adapt and become indifferent with the added benefit (to politicians) of having short memories. They can't Tazer us all can they?

  10. I suppose you could have had a picture of Mandelson holding Brown's lead, seeing as he's clearly his bitch now.

  11. LFAT, (ICAO letters for Le Touquet airport), "seeing as he's clearly his bitch now."

    Should that not read "again"?

  12. OT I know, but I think you might want to publicize this.

    Richard Dale is trying to help the Iranians crash government websites.

    I hope you and your readers will take a look and maybe spread the word.

    This is one in the server for Amahdidinnerjacket and his girl-hurting pig-fuckers.

    Pardon my Spartan.

  13. Will do, NNW, as soon as I can.

  14. usedtobelabour17 June 2009 at 08:12

    Don't think you can knock McBride when you emulate his filth.

  15. "Don't think you can knock McBride when you emulate his filth."

    He gets/got paid my tax money to peddle his nasty evil. I do it as an effort to redress the balance, little man. I do it on my blog and that's private. Don't like it? Dont' bother visiting. Unfortunately I have to put up with McBride and Labour for a few more months.

  16. usedtobelabour17 June 2009 at 19:45

    Blogs are NOT private. At best they are informative and thought-provoking. Mostly they are narcissitic rantings which thrive on sycophantic responses.