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Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Bottler Or A Quitter?

Ministry Of Spin And Lies!

Conflicting reports this morning. My money is on he's a bottler. No stomach to face an election. Bloody shame, I so wanted to see the mendacious pillock turfed out of No. 10 like the squatter he is. Still we could have some fun with Mandy's Balls or Postman Pat. One thing is for sure, our EU masters will be jerking the strings if we let them.

Dee Dums, what a mess you've made of all our lives, Jim.


  1. You think he'll go? All that crap about he would walk away etc you think is his doorway to getting out? I doubt it, not unless his pal Handy Mandy refuses to support him any longer.

  2. This is what he's quoted as saying in all the papers:

    "To be honest, you could walk away from all of this tomorrow; I’m not interested in what accompanies being in power."

    The thing that first struck me was his use of 'you' changing to 'I' in the same sentence. The 2nd thing was 'To be honest'.

    He didn't mean a word of it - he's just a lying scuzz-bucket.

  3. Thank you both for prescient comments. I really find it heart breaking that such an inadequate bunch are running our once great Country into the ground.